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Zip and RAR will have native support in Windows 11

With native support built into Windows 11, RAR and ZIP files may be used without the need to download extra apps.

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RAR and ZIP are must-have software for Windows users. WinRAR and 7Zip allow you to compress a series of files within an archive, reducing the size. Once extracted from the archive, the files return to their original size. However, Microsoft announced native support for RAR and ZIP files with the release of Windows 11, making the use of extra applications unnecessary. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the built-in tools of Windows 11 to handle RAR and ZIP files.

RAR and ZIP archives on Windows 11

With the Operating System’s official support, the two formats RAR and ZIP will join the list of supported formats on Windows 11. The Redmond giant made this announcement at the Microsoft Build 2023 conference, reiterating that the latest system will make use of the Libarchive open source project to handle RAR, TAR, ZIP, and GZ files natively.

Windows 11

Windows 11

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The benefit of such integrations? The need for third-party tools will no longer exist, the size of the installed programmes on the device in use will be reduced, and anybody may start using Windows 11 without having to download additional software. Additionally, the platform will improve the speed of archive compression.

You will soon be able to say goodbye to WinRAR unless you are one of the enthusiasts who values the extra features the app provides.

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Frequently Asked Questions

File size limits for RAR and ZIP formats depend on the software used. Most tools allow you to compress files of any size, as long as you have enough disk space.

Yes, you can update for free to Windows 11. Before proceeding, it is crucial to ensure that your device meets the minimum system requirements. For Windows 11, Microsoft has announced additional requirements, including supported processors, RAM capacity, storage capacity, and more. Before starting the upgrade process, make sure you thoroughly review the prerequisites. Additionally, you must be in possession of a valid Windows 10 license. Is your Operating System down? Buy a Windows 10 product key on offer

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