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With PowerToys you can Optimize your Multitasking on Windows

PowerToys, the Microsoft app you may not have known, is taking multitasking on Windows to new heights.

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PowerToys is a free application that offers a series of useful tools for Windows, improving productivity and offering advanced customization options, such as those available for Windows 11.

The features of PowerToys

If you’ve ever needed to rename files quickly or preview images inside folders, PowerToys has the right solution for you. The integration of extra features like “Crop and Lock” makes it an essential tool for users who enjoy multitasking. Click here if you want to know more about PowerToys and its advanced features and find out what you can do after installing Windows 11.

WIndows 11 Professional

Windows 11 Professional

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PowerToys: How Crop And Lock works

Launched in PowerToys version 0.73.0 on September 1st, “Crop and Lock” allows you to clip windows of other applications. This can be done either in Preview mode, which is ideal for live content or video, or in Relink mode, where you can navigate within the cropped window, as shown in some examples.

To take advantage of this feature, update PowerToys to the latest version and look for “Crop and Lock” in the left panel. Once activated, you can launch an app and use shortcuts:

  • Preview mode: Press the Windows + Ctrl + Shift + T keys simultaneously. This mode will allow you to create a preview of the window, without the chance of interacting with it.
  • Relink mode: Press the Windows + Ctrl + Shift + R keys simultaneously. This mode will allow you to clip a portion of the window and interact with it as if it were the main application.

Known Issues with PowerToys’ Crop and Snap tool

The PowerToys “Crop and Lock” feature is undoubtedly a step forward in the world of multitasking on Windows. Like any new technology, it comes with some challenges and limitations. Here are some important points to keep in mind:

1.Problems with maximized or full screen windows

When trying to clip windows that are maximized or in full screen mode using the “Relink” mode, you may incur some issues. We recommend that you resize the window so that it doesn’t take up the entire screen before using this feature.

2. Limitations with UWP apps

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications are designed to run on different Windows devices and platforms. Some of them, such as the Windows calculator, may not react as expected when using “Crop and freeze”.

3. Applications with sub-windows or tabs

Some applications that use sub-windows or tabs, such as Notepad and OneNote, may experience problems when you try to crop them. This could be due to the complex structure of these applications, which makes it difficult to interact with the “Crop and lock” function.

The potential of PowerToys’ Crop and Snap tool

The PowerToys “Crop and Lock” feature, while presenting some challenges, opens up a world of possibilities for Windows users. Imagine that you have a bunch of thumbnails of your favorite applications on your desktop, all organized in a column. This would allow you to have a clear and immediate view of your activities without having to constantly open and close different windows. With “Relink” mode, you can clip and interact with specific sections of a video or browser. This could prove especially useful when you want to focus on particular details or sections of a website or video. The possibilities of “Crop and Lock” are truly limitless. Whether you want to monitor your emails, keep an eye on social media or just have a clear view of your calendar, this feature can make it all possible in a simple and intuitive way.


PowerToys never ceases to surprise us with its innovations. “Crop and Lock” is just the latest feature that makes your Windows experience even richer and more satisfying. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to explore all that PowerToys has to offer, perhaps it’s about time you dive into this technological adventure!

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