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Windows Protected Print Mode: A Printing Revolution from Microsoft

Microsoft is revolutionizing the printing world with its innovative Windows Protected Print Mode. This new system aims to overcome the vulnerabilities of the past, making the use of printers more secure, simple and compatible. The key strategy behind this change is the adoption of Mopria-IPP, an approach that eliminates the need for third-party printer drivers.

Windows Protected Print Mode

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What is Windows Protected Print Mode?

Windows Protected Print Mode is a feature that will be integrated into future versions of Windows. This system allows printing through Mopria-certified devices, a consortium formed in 2013 by leading printing and technology companies. The goal is to make Mopria the primary standard for printing in the Windows environment, facilitating a smooth and seamless user experience.

Windows Protected Print Mode: How It Works and What It Changes for Users

With Windows Protected Print Mode, Microsoft aims to ensure that printers “just work,” without the need to install additional drivers. Users will be able to send their print jobs directly to Mopria-certified printers. This paradigm shift not only simplifies the printing process but also increases security by reducing vulnerabilities related to third-party print drivers.

The Relationship between Mopria and IPP

Mopria uses the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) to facilitate communication between devices and printers. This protocol is critical to ensure compatibility between devices and printers from different manufacturers, providing a smooth printing experience.

Security and Innovation with Windows Protected Print Mode

Johnathan Norman of Microsoft Offensive Research & Security Engineering (MORSE) explains that enabling Windows Protected Print Mode automatically prevents the installation and use of third-party print drivers. This not only improves compatibility and interoperability but also strengthens security. Consider the cases of vulnerabilities such as PrintNightmare, which have exposed systems to various cyber attacks.

How to Enable Windows Protected Print Mode

For now, the feature is available only to users in the Windows Insider program, starting with Windows 11 build 26016. To enable this mode, users must follow a specific procedure through the system’s group policy editor.


Microsoft with Windows Protected Print Mode is proposing a radical change in the printing world. The adoption of Mopria-IPP and the elimination of third-party drivers not only simplifies the user experience but greatly enhances security. This innovation represents a significant step toward a more secure and interoperable future in the printing industry.

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