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Windows AI 2024: What to expect from Microsoft’s New Generation?

Microsoft plans to launch the next generation of Windows AI in 2024, along with information on recent changes to the Windows schedule.

Windows AI

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Windows AI: The Next Step in the Evolution of Microsoft’s Operating System!

The Windows revolution is upon us. Microsoft, under new leadership and with the farewell of former Windows chief Panos Panay, is mapping out an exciting future for its operating system. The company is preparing to launch the next major version of Windows, codenamed “Hudson Valley,” based on the “Germanium” platform, due in 2024. This update marks a significant change in direction, with a return to the annual release cycle for major versions of the Windows platform.

Changes in the Windows Roadmap

Under Panay’s leadership, Windows had adopted a release approach of large three-year updates supplemented by smaller “Moment” updates every few months. Now, Microsoft’s new Windows & Web Experiences team, led by Mikhail Parakhin, is shifting the focus to a single large annual update, keeping Moment updates more sporadic. This change in strategy will be evident after the release of Hudson Valley.

Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley and the Germanium Platform

The Hudson Valley upgrade, built on the Germanium platform, is expected to be finalized in August 2024, with a planned deployment in September or October. Interestingly, new ARM hardware, equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite chips, will begin shipping with Germanium as early as June 2024, before Hudson Valley is fully finalized.

Hudson Valley’s AI Innovation

The centerpiece of Hudson Valley will be the integration of advanced AI experiences throughout the operating system. One of the most exciting new features is a Windows AI shell enhanced by an “advanced co-pilot” that will work in the background to improve search, initiate projects, understand context, and more. These AI features may require new NPU hardware to work best.

Revolutionary Features

  • History/Advanced History: a feature that allows users to go back through apps and websites by filtering information based on specific search criteria.
  • Enhanced Search: the ability to use natural language to find documents or information previously viewed on the PC.
  • Super Resolution and Live Captions Improved: the use of NPU hardware to improve the quality of videos and games, and an improved version of Live Captions to translate different languages in real time.
  • AI Wallpapers and Creator Area: innovations including AI-based wallpapers and a “creator” area in the Start menu and File Explorer, functioning as a hub for Microsoft services.

Branding and CorePC Issues

A key question remains: will Hudson Valley be Windows 12? Sources indicate that Microsoft is reluctant to further fragment the user base with a new name, but the final decision will depend on marketing. In addition, the CorePC project, which aims for a more modular and secure Windows platform, will not be offered as an upgrade for existing PCs, but will exist in parallel with legacy Windows.

Windows 12

Windows Future Perspectives

Microsoft’s vision for the future of Windows is clearly focused on integrating artificial intelligence at an unprecedented level. With Hudson Valley, it plans to bring a new dimension of interaction and automation, elevating the user experience and offering innovative solutions for everyday needs.

The adoption of advanced AI technologies in Windows opens up a world of possibilities. Artificial intelligence could radically transform the way we interact with our computers, making workflows more efficient and intuitive. The AI-based Windows shell, for example, could act as an advanced virtual assistant, anticipating users’ needs and offering customized solutions in real time.

Impact on Hardware and Compatibility

The focus on technologies such as NPU (Neural Processing Units) suggests that future Windows devices may require more advanced hardware specifications to take full advantage of these new AI capabilities. This could affect not only the design of new devices but also determine the compatibility of existing devices with the latest versions of Windows.

Windows 12 Core PC

The Challenge of Fragmentation and Compatibility

While the introduction of cutting-edge technologies is exciting, the issue of fragmentation of the Windows user base also arises. With a significant percentage of users still on Windows 10, the challenge for Microsoft will be to balance innovation with the need to maintain a cohesive and accessible ecosystem. How Microsoft manages this transition will be crucial to the success of its future versions of Windows.

CorePC and the Future of Security in Windows

The CorePC project, part of Microsoft’s new vision, aims to make Windows more secure and modular. With read-only partitions and a state-separated operating system, CorePC could offer a greatly improved level of security and reliability. However, as it is designed for new hardware, it raises questions about its adoption and how it will coexist with existing versions of Windows.

Toward an Era of Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

In addition to innovations in AI, Microsoft is also exploring ways to make Windows more eco-friendly. Features such as improved power saving and “green energy” demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, an increasingly important aspect of modern technology.


The future of Windows with Hudson Valley promises to be an era of significant change, with artificial intelligence at the center of its evolution. The challenge for Microsoft will be to integrate these innovations in a way that enriches the user experience while maintaining a cohesive and accessible Windows ecosystem. The implications of these innovations are vast, promising to transform the way we live, work and interact with technology. Enthusiasm for these prospects is high, and the world is eagerly waiting to see how Microsoft will realize this revolutionary vision.

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