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Windows 11: Updates for Snipping Tool and Notepad

Windows Insider users of Windows 11, especially those in the Canary and Dev channels, will be able to test new features.

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The latest version of Snipping Tool (version 11.2307.44.0) and Notepad (version 11.2307.22.0) have received an update. Let’s have a closer look at what it is.

Windows 11: What’s new in Snipping Tool and Notepad

Windows 11 users have reason to rejoice with the latest updates released for Snipping Tool and Notepad. These new features, which are now being evaluated by Windows Insider users in the Canary and Dev channels, are expected to completely change how these apps are used. From the new combo capture bar that makes taking screenshots and recording video easier, to the advanced Notepad features that now support automatic session state saving, these updates are designed to make the user experience smoother and more intuitive. Activate Windows 11 on your PC and subscribe to the Windows Insider channel to try out the latest innovations.

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Snipping Tool on Windows 11

The combo capture bar is the new protagonist. This feature eases the transition between screenshot captures and screen video recordings, eliminating the need to open the application. Users can use the key combination Win + Shift + S to start the snipping function or Win + Shift + R to start a video recording.

snipping tool

The recording experience has been improved as a result of user input. Now you can record PC audio and use a microphone for voiceover. With the new settings, users can customize the audio options and, if they have multiple recording devices, select their preferred device. It is important to know that some users may receive an unexpected dialog when taking a screenshot. If so, simply select “Snipping Tool” to fix the problem.

snipping tool windows 11

The new features on Windows 11 seem to be unstoppable, all you have to do is download Windows 11 to start using all the amazing features released.

Notepad: autosave and other features on Windows 11

Notepad has also received a significant update. One of the most anticipated features is the automatic saving of the session state. This allows users to close Notepad without losing data and pick up exactly where they left off. Notepad now automatically restores previously open tabs and unsaved content. This feature does not affect users’ files, giving them the freedom to decide whether to save or discard unsaved changes. If desired, you can deactivate this function in the app settings. These updates are being rolled out. Therefore, they may not be immediately available to all users in the Canary and Dev channels. The complete distribution will take place after careful evaluation of the feedback received.

Another interesting new feature is the introduction of the character count function that allows you to track the length of text in real time, both for selected text and for the entire document.



As we look to the future of Windows 11, it’s clear that we are at the beginning of a new era of innovation and refinement. Recent updates are just the tip of the iceberg of what Microsoft has in store for its users. The attention to customization, intuitive interface, and advanced features suggest a deep commitment to an unprecedented user experience. Additionally, Microsoft’s openness to user feedback and the rapid implementation of improvements based on that feedback indicate a dynamic, user-centered development model. Future Windows 11 scenarios could see more integration between devices, further evolution of the app ecosystem, and even more robust security. In conclusion, Windows 11 is presenting itself as a platform that is always evolving and prepared to meet the demands of the digital world.

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