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Windows 11: The Extraordinary Success and Prospects for Windows 12

Windows 11 è in cima al mondo dei sistemi operativi, sorpassando ogni aspettativa della stessa Microsoft.

Windows 11

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Microsoft’s internal data show that the number of active devices running Windows 11 recently exceeded 400 million and is steadily growing, with the goal of reaching the extraordinary figure of half a billion by early 2024.

The Windows 11 Path

After its launch in October 2021, Windows 11 has made an extraordinary climb. This means that it took Microsoft about two years to reach 400 million active devices per month with Windows 11. This is an outstanding achievement, although compared to its predecessor, Windows 10, the path was slightly longer. Windows 10 had reached the same figure in just over a year and had then surpassed 1 billion users by early 2020. But remember, there are some reasons behind this difference.

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Windows 11 vs. Windows 10: Key Differences

When Windows 10 was launched, Microsoft made an attractive offer: a free upgrade for all PC owners with Windows 8.1 and most of those with Windows 7. This move prompted users to upgrade promptly, as the offer had an expiration date. Microsoft also worked hard to convince Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade to Windows 10. Although until recently it was possible to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free by getting an active operating system, today it is necessary to purchase a Windows 10 product key to activate it.

On the other hand, the launch of Windows 11 was more selective. This operating system was officially supported only on PCs manufactured as of 2018, mainly because of the TPM requirement. This restriction limited the number of devices that could be upgraded, excluding older PCs with Windows 7 and 8 that had been upgraded to Windows 10, as well as the first three years of PCs running Windows 10. As a result, the growth of Windows 11 was slowed from the beginning, but despite this, it exceeded Microsoft’s expectations. Part of this success was due to Microsoft’s Moments” upgrade program, which allowed new features to be delivered to users more quickly.

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The Outlook for Windows 12

Now, the question on everyone’s mind is: what will Windows 12 have in store for us? According to Microsoft’s internal information, Windows 11 is stronger than you might think, despite some online criticism. All eyes are on the 2024 version, which could be called Windows 12. This new operating system is expected to bring with it an updated version of the Windows platform, known as “Germanium,” and introduce new cutting-edge features based on artificial intelligence and the cloud.

windows 12

A New Look for Windows 12

It appears that Windows 12 will also bring with it an updated desktop interface, following the tradition of new versions of Windows. Microsoft’s Ignite 2022 keynote offered a first look at a completely new user interface, which may hint at the direction Windows 12 is taking.

Focus on Artificial Intelligence 

Microsoft has emphasized that the next version of Windows will place greater emphasis on artificial intelligence. Many of these features have already been introduced in Windows 11. Currently, Windows 11 supports AI capabilities for the camera and microphone, thanks to a dedicated neural processing unit (NPU).

With Windows 12, we expect these features to expand further. It may become possible for Windows to analyze the content displayed on the screen and provide contextual instructions based on what is displayed. In addition, users may have the ability to identify objects and text in images, simplifying tasks such as copy and paste. Some of the AI-based features may require dedicated hardware to ensure optimal performance.

In short, the future looks bright for Windows 12, and we will continue to keep a close eye on all the news affecting the world of operating systems. Stay tuned for more updates on this evolving story!

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