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Windows 11 Revolutionizes Screenshots: Here’s How!

Finally with Windows 11 you can Extract Text from Screenshots, Obscure Information and Access from Images Remotely.

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Microsoft has introduced a feature in Windows 11 that could change the way we use screenshots. Now, with the latest Snipping Tool update, extracting text from captured images becomes a breeze! The feature is currently available to Windows Insider members in the Canary and Dev channels.

Windows 11 Snipping Tool

Windows 11 snipping tool

Enthusiastically announced on the Windows blog, the 11.2308.33.0 update for Windows 11 that turned the Capture Tool into a powerful ally for those who like to “capture” and “copy.” With a click on the scan button, the text in the image is identified. And, if a simple click is not enough for you, you can always rely on the good old Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C to select and copy as you like. But it doesn’t end there! 

Windows 11 snipping tool

Microsoft has also thought about your privacy. With the new Text Actions, you can obscure sensitive information, making it easy and safe to share screenshots. Whether it’s phone numbers or email addresses, you can rest assured that your data will remain safe. With dedicated text functions, you have the option to redact sensitive information directly on screenshots before sending and sharing them. Use the “Quick Mask” option in the toolbar to automatically blur email addresses and phone contacts. Otherwise, just highlight the text you want to hide and choose “Obfuscate Text” from the context menu to make the content invisible.

Upgrade Windows 11

Upgrade to Windows 11 Professional

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Windows 11 Phone Link: remote image capture from the smartphone

windows 11 phone link

And for those who were wondering, “What’s the smartphone got to do with it?” There’s icing on the cake! A new feature, Phone Link, synchronizes your Windows operating system with your Android’s recent photos, giving you access to fresh shots through on-the-fly notifications. Phone Link for iOS is also available. Yes, Microsoft is truly committed to creating the most versatile operating system yet!

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