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Windows 11: released (by mistake) the StagingTool that enables secret features

The new features of Windows 11 can be revealed thanks to StagingTool, an internal application of Microsoft released by mistake.

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Windows 11 and the StagingTool Secret Tool

StagingTool, a hidden gem in Microsoft’s arsenal of internal tools, was accidentally released due to a singular miscommunication event. The software, which resembles ViveTool in many aspects, was created for company employees with the goal of revealing and testing previously unreleased features before they are made available to the general public.

StagingTool was made public thanks to XenoPanther, a watchful user who discovered the utility during a Microsoft “bug bash” event. Microsoft swiftly took action by blocking access to StagingTool before it could grow viral.

StagingTool vs ViveTool: A Comparison

Both tools, StagingTool and ViveTool, have the ability to activate secret and experimental features. While StagingTool is an internal Microsoft software developed and employed by its developers to test new features, ViveTool is a creation by the enthusiast community. We strongly advise against downloading and using ViveTool, but in case you’re curious, we recommend that you make a complete backup of your Operating System and files, and equip yourself with one of the best antiviruses. We recommend using AOMEI Backupper or EaseUS Todo Backup, both reliable and easy-to-use backup software.

The accidental release of StagingTool made it easier for tech enthusiasts to explore unannounced features. Unlike ViveTool, which is a third-party tool, StagingTool offers direct and authentic access to what’s new in Windows 11, allowing users to experience in advance what may be officially released in the future.

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Activate Features with StagingTool

StagingTool is mostly command-line software that provides users with a key to turn specific features on and off.

  • Opening Terminal: First, you need to open a terminal on your computer.
  • Navigate to Directory: If StagingTool.exe is not located in the current directory, you must either go to the folder holding it or indicate the full path to the executable.
  • Activating a Function: To activate a function, type:

StagingTool.exe /enable ID

Replace “ID” with the ID of the function you want to activate. This ID information is often available online.

If you want to deactivate a previously activated function, follow these steps:

  • Open the terminal.
  • Type: StagingTool.exe /disable ID
  • Remember to replace “ID” with the identifier of the specific function.

StagingTool also allows you to restore the settings of a specific function to its original state. To do this, use the command: StagingTool.exe /reset ID

For a complete list of options that StagingTool offers, just use the parameter: StagingTool.exe /?

This command will list all the available functions and options, making the tool easier to use, even for those coming from the MS-DOS days.

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StagingTool and Windows 11: the benefits

While the leak might seem like a setback for the company, Microsoft is well aware of the enthusiasm of “Technical Insiders”. This unintentional leak has actually made activating new features a little more formal, acknowledging and accepting users’ passion for what’s new. By clicking here you can download the version published by Microsoft, but we cannot guarantee that it will be safe and available for a long time.

Conclusions about StagingTool

While the unexpected StagingTool release may have drawn some criticism, it also demonstrates the tireless work that went into Windows 11’s development and research, showing Microsoft’s commitment to providing its consumers with innovation and constant progress.

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