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Windows 11 Moment 5 KB5034848 Update Released: Here’s What’s New

Microsoft has announced the launch of Windows 11 Moment 5, an update that promises to revolutionize the user experience of its newest operating system. Available February 29, 2024, this update introduces a number of improvements and new features, making the operating system even more intuitive and customizable.

Windows 11 Moment 5

Table of Contents

How to Upgrade to Windows 11 Moment 5

For users eager to immediately upgrade their system to Windows 11 Moment 5, the process is simple and intuitive. By logging into Windows Update and activating the option to receive the latest updates as they become available, they will be able to download and install the update with just a few clicks. Those who opt to wait will find Windows 11 Moment 5 among the optional updates starting in March, then becoming a standard quality update in April. To access the update you will need to activate Windows 11 with a valid product key

What’s New in Windows 11 Moment 5

The Windows 11 Moment 5 update, identified by version 22621.3235 (KB5034848), introduces a variety of features designed to make interaction with the operating system smoother and more natural.

Copilot in Windows 11 Moment 5

One of the most striking new features of this update concerns Copilot, whose enhancement aims to further simplify interaction with the operating system. With the introduction of third-party plugins, you will be able to extend Copilot’s capabilities to a variety of external services, such as booking dinners with OpenTable or ordering food to your door with Instacart.

Copilot’s functionality is also enriched with new options for power management, accessibility and connectivity, offering even deeper customization of the user experience.

Artificial Intelligence in the Service of Creativity

With Windows 11 Moment 5, artificial intelligence also takes center stage in the Clipchamp and Photos applications, where it facilitates video and image editing through innovative tools such as removing unwanted objects or eliminating silences in videos.

A Simplified Management of Updates

The integration between Windows Autopatch and Windows Update for Business represents a significant step forward in update management, enabling companies to streamline this process through machine learning.

Improved Sharing and Interaction Experiences

The update expands sharing possibilities by integrating popular apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram directly into the operating system. In addition, Snap smart suggestions and improved widgets offer a more organized and personalized experience in managing windows and information.

Navigation between Images 

A new keyboard command has been added that allows you to navigate between images displayed on the screen. Using the “G” or “SHIFT+G” keys, you can move forward or backward between images in search mode, which can be activated with the Voice Assistant key plus the space bar.

Text Detection in Images

The update has improved the Voice Assistant’s ability to detect text in images, including handwritten handwriting, and provide more accurate descriptions of the images themselves. This feature requires an active internet connection and must be enabled in the Voice Assistant settings. You can test it by selecting an image and pressing Voice Assistant+CTRL+D.

Support in Microsoft Word

When using Microsoft Word, the Voice Assistant now announces the presence of bookmarks and resolved drafts or comments in the document. It also reports the presence of accessibility suggestions as it reads the text of the file.

Innovations in Vocal Access

One of the most significant new features is the expansion of language support for voice access. In addition to English, it is now possible to use this feature in several other languages, including:

  • French, with specific support for variants spoken in France and Canada
  • German
  • Spanish, with specific attention to the variants from Spain and Mexico

This language expansion opens the door to more users who can now take advantage of voice access in their native language, significantly improving interaction and accessibility.

When using voice access for the first time, the Windows operating system will prompt you to download an appropriate speech recognition template. In some cases, a template that exactly matches the default display language may not be available. Voice access in English (United States) remains a viable option. You will still have the freedom to select a different language from the settings, providing unprecedented flexibility.

You can now also listen to a preview of the ten natural voices before proceeding with the download. These voices, which take advantage of advanced speech synthesis directly on the device, once downloaded, do not require an internet connection to work. To listen to the preview, an active connection is required. Voices can be added via the Voice Assistant settings, following the path: press WINDOWS+CTRL+N to open the settings, then under “Voice of Voice Assistant” select “Add” next to “Add Natural Voices.”

One of the most exciting innovations is the enabling of voice access on multiple screens. This feature allows you to extend the use of numeric overlays and grids, previously limited to the main screen only, to multi-monitor devices. With this innovation, you can easily switch between screens using NATO alphabet-based commands, such as “B” or “Bravo,” or through the “mouse grid” command to precisely position the cursor. 

Another revolutionary introduction is that of custom voice commands. You now have the ability to create unique commands tailored to your needs, using supported English dialects. The creation process is intuitive: just say “what can I say” and follow the instructions to set up new quick voice commands. 

Cast Functionality

The most recent update introduces users to Cast functionality, outlining not only how to access this feature but also when and why it might prove useful. Imagine being able to share your favorite videos, presentations or games on a larger screen, enriching the visual and gaming experience. Wireless transmission opens the door to a world of possibilities, making every sharing moment more engaging and seamless. 

One of the most common situations in which the Cast feature proves particularly useful is during multitasking. While working on multiple windows or organizing screen space with Guided Tiling, a notification may suggest the use of Cast to optimize the user experience. This allows you to easily switch between tasks, improving productivity and efficiency without compromising the quality of content display.

The “Broadcast” pop-up menu found in the quick settings is designed to make it even easier to use the Cast feature. From here, you can quickly find compatible devices nearby, troubleshoot any connection problems, and discover new ways to make the most of this technology. Whether it’s a business meeting, a family movie night, or a gaming session with friends, Cast promises to make every experience richer and more engaging.

Windows Sharing

The Windows Sharing window now dynamically changes the apps displayed based on the type of account you sign in with. If you log in using a Microsoft account (MSA), the “Share with” section will show Microsoft Teams in its free version. This facilitates sharing content directly with your personal Teams contacts. In contrast, if you log in using a Microsoft Entra ID account (formerly known as Azure Active Directory), the sharing window will present Microsoft Teams contacts in a business or educational context. This means that sharing will be optimized for the professional or study environment, allowing more direct communication with colleagues or classmates.

Another important addition is support for WhatsApp in the “Share Using” section of the sharing window. This feature greatly extends the available sharing options, allowing content to be sent directly through one of the world’s most popular messaging platforms. If WhatsApp does not appear to be installed on your device, Windows now offers the option to install it directly from the sharing window. This makes the process of installing and sharing via WhatsApp extremely quick and easy, eliminating the need for additional steps or opening the store manually.

Nearby sharing

The Nearby Sharing feature has received significant updates that improve usability and functionality for users. Here is a summary of the new features and how they may affect the use of this feature:

You can now turn Nearby Sharing on or off directly from Quick Settings or the Settings app. When you enable this feature and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned off, they will automatically be turned on to allow Nearby Sharing to work as intended. If you then decide to turn off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, this will also result in Nearby Sharing being turned off.

An important update concerns the speed of file transfer via Nearby Sharing. Now, for optimal transfer, users no longer need to be connected to the same private network; they just need to be on the same network, whether public or private. This expands the sharing possibilities and simplifies the process for users who are in environments with public networks, such as cafes, libraries or workplaces.

To make it easier to identify your device when sharing, you can now give it a more descriptive name. This option can be found by navigating to Settings > System > Nearby Sharing, where you can rename the device. This feature is especially useful in environments where there are many devices and you want to ensure that sharing is with the correct device.

To use Nearby Sharing, you can simply right-click on a local file in File Explorer and select “Share.” Next, choose to share with a device listed in the Windows share window dedicated to Near Sharing.

Snap Layouts

The Snap Layout feature was introduced as a new feature in a recent update. This feature adds suggestions for anchor layouts, which assist you in instantly tiling multiple application windows together. With this feature, you can increase efficiency in organizing your screen workspace.

A particularly useful new feature is the ability to hover the mouse pointer over an application’s Minimize or Maximize button and press the WINDOWS+Z key to open the layout box. In this context, application icons will show different layout options. This allows you to easily select the layout option that best suits your needs, making it easier to organize windows on the screen and improving productivity.

snap layout Windows 11

Innovations of Windows 365 Boot: Revolutionize Your Access to the Cloud

The introduction of Windows 365 Boot marks a revolution in the way users access their Cloud PCs, bringing with it an era of unprecedented efficiency and security. This update, designed for businesses, introduces a dedicated mode that facilitates access to corporate devices and Windows 365 Cloud PCs through an innovative, password-free authentication process, such as Windows Hello for Business.

One of the highlights of this update is the introduction of a dedicated mode that completely transforms the account switching experience. Thanks to this feature, switching from one profile to another becomes a quick and smooth action, with customization options including choice of lock screen images, username storage, and more, making each login a unique and personalized experience.

Companies now have the power to customize the Windows 365 Boot login experience, making it an effective showcase for their brand. With the shared mode, corporate branding can be integrated directly from the Microsoft Intune platform, ensuring an immediate and professional impression to users upon login.

This update also introduces a “fail fast” mechanism for Windows 365 Boot, which is essential for quick and smooth access to the cloud PC. The intelligent logic behind this feature helps to quickly identify and resolve any network problems or incomplete app configurations, thus ensuring a smooth and error-free start.

A significant new feature is the ability to manage physical (local) PC settings directly from the cloud PC. This feature extends user control over critical aspects such as audio and display, enabling a more integrated and personalized user experience that crosses traditional boundaries between local and cloud devices.

Windows 365 Switch

Improvements and Features of Windows 365 Switch

The recent innovation of Windows 365 Switch has introduced a simplified method to log off, greatly improving the interaction between the user and the cloud PC. Now, using the local PC, users can easily disconnect from their Cloud PC by navigating to the Tasks > Local PC section. A simple right-click on the Cloud PC button and selecting the “Disconnect” option makes the whole process intuitive and quick. In addition, detailed descriptions have been added to the Cloud PC’s Start menu, providing clear guidance on the features available to log off and manage sessions, thus improving understanding and efficiency of use.

Another significant improvement brought by this update is the introduction of desktop indicators for Windows 365 Switch. This feature allows users to clearly identify whether they are operating on the “cloud PC” or the “local PC” thanks to clearly visible labels on the desktop indicator. This visual switch helps navigate between environments with greater awareness and control, optimizing the user experience and reducing confusion between devices.

The update also addressed the time it took to connect to Windows 365 Frontline Cloud PC via Windows 365 Switch, which could be excessive. Now, during the waiting process, the screen displays the connection status and a timeout indicator for the Cloud PC. This transparency in informing the user of the connection status helps to reduce frustration and improve the overall experience. In case of an error, a new “Copy” button has been introduced on the error screen, which allows the user to copy the correlation ID. This feature greatly simplifies troubleshooting, allowing users or technical support teams to quickly identify and resolve the causes of errors.

Android Photo Synchronization and 80 Gbps USB Support

The latest technology update introduces features that revolutionize device interaction and user experience, marking a significant step toward greater integration and connection speed.

Synchronizing and Editing Photos between PC and Android Device

One of the most exciting new features is the ability to use the Capture Tool on your PC to edit recent photos and screenshots from your Android device. With this feature, whenever your Android device captures a new image or screenshot, you will receive an immediate notification on your PC. This allows for smoother and more integrated image management, facilitating editing without the need for manual transfers. To enable this option, simply go to Settings > Bluetooth Devices & > Mobile Devices on your PC, select “Manage Devices” and allow your PC to access your Android device.

Double the Speed with 80 Gbps USB Support

The update also introduces support for the 80 Gbps USB standard, representing the next generation of USB4 with twice the bandwidth of the previous 40 Gbps standard. This means faster data transfers and greatly improved efficiency for compatible devices. To take advantage of the speed of 80 Gbps USB, a PC and compatible Thunderbolt or USB4 peripherals are required, offering users a state-of-the-art connectivity experience.

Increased Personalization with the Deactivation of the Microsoft News Feed

In response to requests for customization, this update allows you to disable the Microsoft News feed in the Windows 11 widget panel. This option provides more flexibility in customizing the user interface, so you can reduce distractions and focus on the information most relevant to your needs.

In conclusion, these innovations represent a significant technological advancement, offering greater speed, integration between devices and customization options. 

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