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Windows 11 Moment 5 Coming Soon – All the New Features

The evolution of Microsoft's Windows operating system continues unabated, and the next big step is represented by Moment 5 for Windows 11, followed by intriguing previews of Windows 12. Let's explore the updates these will bring.

Windows 11 Moment 5

Table of Contents

Moment 5 for Windows 11: A Compliant and Innovative Update

The announced update for Windows 11, scheduled for February 2024, represents a pivotal moment for Microsoft’s operating system. Known as “Moment 5” or “February 24th Moment“, this update stands out for being more contained compared to previous ones, focusing on necessary changes to comply with the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The Moment 5 update promises various quality-of-life improvements for users. Among the most significant new features are updates to Windows 11’s integrated accessibility features, enhancements to the integration with Windows 365 cloud PC, and new customization options for the widget board and Windows search pane. Additionally, for the first time, it will be possible to remove preinstalled applications like Edge and Cortana, Camera, and Photos.

According to sources, Microsoft plans to finalize the update in early February 2024, with a launch expected at the end of February or early March. The update, like previous Moments, will be distributed via Windows Update and will not be optional in the long term. To take advantage of Moment 5’s new features, users will need to have installed Windows 11 version 23H2.

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Features of Moment 5

Other features of the Moment 5 update include the introduction of the ability to directly input pen in text boxes, making the use of the digital pen more seamless. Significant changes also include the interoperability of the Windows search pane, allowing third-party search providers to create plugins for the Windows search pane.

The Nearby Sharing system has been improved, now supporting “descriptive names” for PCs, and has undergone an improvement in file transfer speed. Windows Spotlight will be set as the default background starting from the Moment 5 update, while the functionality of Windows 11 Copilot will be enhanced, with the addition of new features such as the ability to “detach” it and use it on multiple displays.

The Widget Board on Windows 11 will also undergo changes, including the ability to disable the integration of Microsoft News. Third-party news services will be able to create plugins that integrate with the Widgets Board.

The update brings innovations in integrated apps, such as character counting in Notepad and a new “Arcade” tab in the Microsoft Store for instant games and faster app launch. Moreover, Windows 365 will be further integrated into Windows 11, with improvements to the Task View and new access features.

All the New Features of Moment 5 in Brief

  1. Compliance with the Digital Markets Act

Microsoft is working hard to make Windows 11 compliant with new European regulations, such as the Digital Markets Act. This involves substantial changes to tools like the Edge browser and Bing search engine, with the goal of offering more flexibility and choice to European users.

  1. Significant Improvements

Improvements are expected in various areas, particularly:

  • Accessibility: simplifying the use of the operating system for all users. Voice Access will support more monitors and new languages and will gain “voice shortcuts” functionality for custom commands. The Voice Assistant will also receive updates, including the ability to preview new natural voices.
Voice Access Windows
  • Windows 365 Service: enhancements that make the cloud experience even more seamless and integrated.
Windows 365
  • App Store: improvements in the interface and functionality of the store.
Microsoft app store
  • Notepad: will now include character counting and a new “Edit with Notepad” shortcut in context menus.
  • Widget Board: greater customization with the ability to remove news.
Widget Board
  • Taskbar: separation of the search engine for greater user choice.
windows 11 taskbar
  • Browser: option to uninstall the default browser.
Microsoft Edge
  1. Handwriting Input and Nearby Sharing

The update also includes the ability to write freehand in text fields, ideal for touch devices with a stylus, and optimizations for Nearby Share, facilitating the exchange of files between different devices.

Towards Windows 12: Innovation and Cloud

Not least is the anticipation of Windows 12 (or W11 24H2), expected in 2024. This new version, codenamed Hudson Valley, is expected to introduce a wide range of cloud-based and artificial intelligence features, marking another step forward in the technological landscape. The final decision on the name will depend on marketing strategies, but anticipation is already high.

Microsoft seems focused on integrating cloud-based and artificial intelligence features, indicating a future where interaction with the operating system will be even smarter and more connected.

With the arrival of Windows 12, we can expect a significant shift in the user experience, where cloud technology and AI will play a central role, bringing the operating system to a new level of efficiency and customization.


Moment 5 for Windows 11 represents an important step in the continuous evolution of Microsoft’s operating system, introducing significant improvements in terms of accessibility, customization, and integration with the cloud. The anticipation for Windows 12 adds further excitement, with the promise of an even more connected and intelligent operating system. Users can expect a renewed and even more intuitive experience, making the most of the latest technological innovations.

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