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Windows 11 Moment 4: Everything You Need to Know

Windows 11 22H2 will be officially released on September 26

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Windows 11 22H2, promises to be a revolution in user experience. If you’re curious about all the new features, improvements and integrations this update will bring, you’ve come to the right place.

Windows 11 22H2: the long-awaited update coming soon

Contrary to earlier circulations in the tech world, Microsoft has finally cleared the waters around the long-awaited Windows 11 update. September 26 will mark the official introduction of the fourth mini-update, christened as “Moment 4” of Windows 11 version 22H2. This package of new features will initially be offered as an optional cumulative update, allowing eager users to experience the new features in advance. The update will become accessible to everyone starting October 10, ensuring that every user can benefit from the latest innovations. But the surprises don’t end there: the Windows 11 23H2 version is already on the horizon, ready to bring further improvements and features to the operating system. Technology enthusiasts definitely have some interesting months ahead! All you have to do is download Windows 11 and activate it to enjoy these new features.

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Highlights of the Windows 11 Moment 4 update: an AI-driven revolution

The Moment 4 update of Windows 11 is creating great anticipation among technology enthusiasts, and it is not difficult to understand why. Among the most notable innovations is undoubtedly the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the operating system. This change represents not just a simple update, but rather a real revolution in Microsoft’s approach to software management.

AI, in fact, allows for a deeper and more integrated connection between Windows Copilot, the new virtual assistant, and all other applications on the device. This means that users will be able to take full advantage of the potential of AI to simplify and optimize their daily tasks, making each operation smoother and more intuitive. Thanks to this synergy, the user experience will be greatly enhanced, making interactions with the PC more dynamic and personalized.

Windows Copilot: the evolution of your digital assistant

Windows Copilot is not just a digital assistant, but a true co-pilot on your technology journey. By integrating Artificial Intelligence, Copilot makes tasks that were once complex a breeze. With its constant presence in the taskbar and the ability to activate it with a simple keyboard shortcut, Copilot becomes an indispensable companion, adapting to the user’s needs and providing support in every situation. Copilot, replaces Cortana on Windows 11.


Innovations in Paint and Photography 

The iconic Paint application has reinvented itself, harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence to offer sophisticated tools such as removing the background and adding multiple layers. In parallel, the photo gallery has been enriched, allowing users to edit images in more intuitive and professional ways, such as highlighting the main subject of a photo with a single click, completely transforming the look of your images.


Capture tools: beyond the simple screenshot

In addition to traditional screen capture, the new update has enhanced the capture tools, offering the ability to extract text directly from images or protect sensitive information. In addition, built-in audio recording makes it easy to create tutorials or presentations directly from your desktop.

windows 11 22h2

Clipchamp: the art of video editing within everyone’s reach 

With Clipchamp, editing video becomes an interactive and dynamic experience. This AI-enhanced editor not only offers editing tools, but also guides the user through hints and tips based on uploaded images and videos, turning each project into a masterpiece.


Notepad and Outlook: working without interruption 

Notepad has undergone a radical transformation, automatically saving the status of work and ensuring that nothing is lost if it is accidentally closed. On the other hand, Outlook has become the benchmark for email management, allowing several accounts to be merged into one platform and making every interaction faster and more intuitive.


File Explorer: a new view of organization 

The updated File Explorer now offers a revamped home page and a more user-friendly address bar. The new Gallery section, then, makes viewing and organizing images a pleasure. An ongoing commitment to accessibility Windows 11 reinforces its commitment to creating an inclusive environment by implementing new voice features and offering more realistic and natural voices in the Voice Assistant, making the operating system friendly to all users.

esplora file windows 11

Windows 11 backup: a smooth transition 

The dread of switching PCs is now a memory. Thanks to the new Backup feature in Windows 11, moving files, apps, and settings from one computer to another has become a smooth and intuitive process, ensuring a smooth transition with no surprises.

This new feature could prove itself to be a real lifesaver if you ever need to reinstall Windows 11: you will be able to restore your operating systems to its current version while keeping all your files, apps, and customized settings intact.

backup windows 11


The evolution of Windows 11, with its Moment 4 update, marks a significant step forward in the universe of operating systems. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence is not just a technical detail, but represents a momentous shift in the form and substance of how we interact with our devices.

From the simplification of everyday operations to the creation of advanced multimedia content and a renewed commitment to creating a digital environment accessible to all, Windows 11 stands as an indispensable benchmark for technology enthusiasts and ordinary users alike.

If these are the innovations that Microsoft is offering us today, we cannot help but eagerly wonder what the future holds. Certainly, with Windows 11, tomorrow already seems a little closer.

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