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Windows 11 KB5034857: Build 22635.3276 with Bugfix and Copilot News

Microsoft has released a Windows 11 update KB5034857 aimed at users in the Windows Insider Beta Channel, introducing build 22635.3276 of Windows 11.

Windows 11 KB5034857

Table of Contents

Windows 11 KB5034857: Improvements and Fixes

The new build 22635.3276 of Windows 11 brings solutions to known issues and introduces improvements in various areas. Notable among these are the refinement of the Nearby Sharing feature, enhanced stability of Task Manager, and an update to the Taskbar. Microsoft also acknowledged reports of frequent explorer.exe crashes and pledged to investigate and fix the problem.

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Task Manager 

The new Beta version introduces important fixes, in response to feedback from users in the Windows Insider program. Prominent among them is a fix for stability issues in Task Manager, which is essential for monitoring system resources and managing applications. Microsoft has acknowledged and is investigating reports regarding frequent malfunctions of this tool, ensuring an ongoing commitment to stability and reliability.

Improvements in Nearby Share and other fixes

Another area of focus concerns Nearby Share, a feature designed to facilitate the exchange of files between devices in close proximity. Users had experienced difficulties with devices having excessively long names, a problem now resolved by improving the visibility and usability of this option. In addition, a bug that caused “????” symbols to be displayed instead of device names has been properly addressed and fixed.

Microsoft Edge: Focus on Security and User Experience

Microsoft also focused on fixing a specific issue related to Microsoft Edge, where websites were failing to load, negatively affecting users’ browsing experience. Fixing these bugs demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to improving the performance and security of the operating system by listening and proactively responding to feedback from the Insider community.

Upcoming Copilot AI Assistant: A Revolution in the Interface

One of the most significant innovations is the introduction of the Copilot AI Assistant. This new feature, intended to transform the way users interact with their device, is activated by simply hovering over the Copilot icon in the taskbar. As you hover over it, a dedicated pane will open, which will automatically close after a short period if there is no interaction. This introduction is a step toward more intuitive and immediate interaction with the AI features built into Windows 11, promising to be rolled out for users in the Windows Insider program in the coming weeks.

Research Corrections and Improvements

In addition to the new features, the update brings important fixes, including the resolution of an issue that affected the search highlights icon in the taskbar. Previously, this icon could be out of sync with the daily search highlights, creating a discrepancy between the information displayed and the searches performed. With this update, Microsoft ensures greater consistency and reliability in the display of search information, improving the overall user experience.

Microsoft Identifies and Addresses Known Issues in New Windows 11 Beta

In the latest communication on its official blog, Microsoft highlighted some known issues associated with the new Windows 11 beta, version KB5034857, with a focus on Microsoft Defender Application Guard (MDAG) for Microsoft Edge. Users may experience difficulties with network connection while using MDAG, an inconvenience Microsoft suggests resolving by disabling MDAG’s enterprise policy or completely uninstalling the feature via Windows settings and then rebooting the system. It is important to note that MDAG for Edge is considered a discontinued feature.

Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22635.3276 represents a significant advance in the Windows 11 development path, introducing long-awaited features and making crucial improvements.

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