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Windows 11 KB5034765: Farewell to Edge, Resolved 73 Vulnerabilities and Two Critical Zero-Days

Update KB5034763 for Windows 10 marks a crucial moment in the operating system's lifecycle. The February 2024 Patch Tuesday brings with it a number of significant improvements and security fixes.

Windows 11 KB5034765

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Windows 11 KB5034765: Goodbye Edge?

The most notable feature of update KB5034765 for Windows 11 concerns the uninstallation of Edge. Thanks to the introduction of the Digital Markets Act in Europe, starting March 7, users on the old continent will finally have the option of removing the operating system’s default browser, Edge. This move represents a significant change in Microsoft‘s policy, which until now has tightly integrated its browser into the operating system. The recent decision by the European Commission could lead to new developments and future changes in the distribution of Edge. Also read our article on January’s Patch Tuesday.

WIndows 11 Professional

Windows 11 Professional

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How to Upgrade Your System to KB5034765

To proceed with the update to KB5034765, users can simply use the Windows Update utility. Simply type in Windows Update on the search bar and click “Check Availability of Updates.”  

Download Windows 11 KB5034765

Alternatively, you can download the update manually from the Microsoft Update Catalog. This update not only sets the stage for major changes regarding the Edge browser but also introduces other new features and bug fixes.

News, Security, and Fixes: Beyond Edge

In addition to the uninstallation of Edge, update KB5034765 brings with it other interesting new features. These include a change regarding Copilot, with the removal of the assistant icon in the search bar, made directly server-side. In addition, the update includes a wide range of bug fixes that aim to improve the user experience in several areas, such as video calls, printer management, and reactivation from standby, thus ensuring greater system stability and security.

Update KB5034765 also represents a major step forward in Windows 11 security and stability, bringing versions 23H2 and 22H2 to builds 22631.3155 and 22621.3155, respectively. As usual, this update package is installed automatically to ensure that all users benefit from the latest protections against vulnerabilities and security issues.

Prominent among the many fixes are two zero-day vulnerabilities already being actively exploited by cyber criminals, highlighting the constant battle against cyber attacks. These flaws, previously unknown to the public, affect critical system components, such as Windows Defender SmartScreen and Internet link files, exposing users to significant risks.

Details of February Updates

The enhancements made with the February 2024 Patch Tuesday address a wide range of vulnerabilities, including five of a critical nature that could enable malicious actions such as denial of service, remote code execution, disclosure of sensitive information, and privilege escalation. Specific fixes include:

  • Elevation of Privileges: Sixteen vulnerabilities that would allow attackers to gain elevated control over compromised systems.
  • Bypassing Security Measures: Three flaws that could allow attackers to circumvent built-in defenses.
  • Remote Code Execution: Thirty vulnerabilities that would offer attackers the ability to execute arbitrary code remotely.
  • Disclosure of Information: Five vulnerabilities that could reveal sensitive data.
  • Denial of Service: Nine issues that could be exploited to make services inaccessible.
  • Spoofing: Ten techniques that could fool users by making threats appear to be trusted sources.

Toward the Future: Windows 11 Moment 5

With the arrival of the Moment 5 update due later this month, more new features and improvements are expected for Windows 11. It is clear that Microsoft is working to make its operating system increasingly open and customizable, pandering to users’ needs and preferences. 

Update KB5034765 for Windows 11 marks an important moment in the development of the operating system, introducing significant new features and improving the user experience. The ability to uninstall Edge is a step toward greater customization and freedom of choice for users, in line with new European regulations. With Microsoft’s continued commitment to improving and updating Windows 11, users can look forward to a future full of new and improved features.

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