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Windows 11 24H2, Build 26052: A Troubled Start with Crash and GSODs!

The recent release of Windows 11 24H2 build 26052 revealed a number of challenges, including crashes, Green Screen of Death (GSOD) error screens, and error codes 0XC1900101 and 0x80070002, which impacted the user experience.

Build 26052

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Windows 11 24H2 Installation Issues, Build 26052

Insider users who attempted to install the first official version of the Windows 11 24H2 update encountered numerous problems. Reports of errors during installation and GSOD screens were frequent, underscoring the complexity of the update process. Error code 0XC1900101 and difficulties related to the SYSPREP_SPECIALIZE step indicate problems in the initial post-installation configuration, often associated with bugs in the system preparation (Sysprep).

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Analysis of Problems and Possible Solutions

Analysis of reports from Insider users suggests that the installation problems may stem from a bug related to Sysprep, a crucial component for configuring the operating system after installation. Although Microsoft has not yet provided an official solution, the user community and technology experts are exploring possible solutions to overcome these obstacles.

What’s New in Windows 11 24H2

Despite initial difficulties, the 24H2 update of Windows 11 introduces significant innovations. These include support for the sudo command, a long-awaited feature that promises to improve the security and efficiency of the operating system. These innovations, along with the continued development of Windows 11, demonstrate Microsoft‘s commitment to providing an improved and more secure user experience.

Toward a Solution

The operating system upgrade path is often riddled with technical challenges. The current situation with Windows 11 24H2 underscores the importance of timely and constructive feedback from Insider users, which is critical to identifying and resolving issues before official release. Microsoft, aware of the reported issues, is working to provide updates and solutions to ensure a smooth and seamless installation process.


The introduction of Windows 11 24H2 marks a major step forward in the development of Microsoft’s operating system. Collaboration between Microsoft and the user community will be crucial to overcoming current challenges and taking full advantage of the potential of Windows 11.

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