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Windows 10 Welcomes Windows 11’s Dev Home: Here are the Developer Features

Microsoft has taken a significant step by bringing the Dev Home app from Windows 11 to Windows 10, a move that marks a significant evolution for users and developers.

Dev Home

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What is Dev Home?

Over the past year, Microsoft launched the Dev Home app on Windows 11, a platform specially designed for developers. This revolutionary application offers a wide range of tools, making it easier to set up and use a dedicated development box. With Dev Home, developers can easily download programming applications, tools, frameworks, and sync with popular repositories like GitHub.

Dev Home App on Windows 10

Despite its initial exclusivity for Windows 11, Microsoft recently extended the availability of Dev Home to users with Windows 10 installed as well. This decision is part of the company’s renewed commitment to providing advanced functionalities to a broader user base. Thanks to this extension, Windows 10 users can now take advantage of all the capabilities of Dev Home.

Windows 10 Professional

Windows 10 Professional

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Key Features of Dev Home

Dev Home stands out for a range of innovative features, including:

  • Customizable Dashboard: a central platform with configurable widgets to monitor workflows, manage development projects, coding activities, GitHub issues, pull requests, SSH connections, and system performance (CPU, GPU, memory, and network).
  • Machine Setup Tool: a utility for configuring the development environment on a new device or for onboarding new development projects.
  • Dev Home Extensions: options to customize widgets that display developer-specific information. It also offers the ability to create and share custom extensions.
  • Dev Drive: a dedicated space for storing project files and Git repositories.

Integration with Windows 10: A Step Forward for Microsoft

The version 0.9 of Dev Home for Windows 10, downloadable from GitHub or the Microsoft App Store, marks the beginning of app support for this operating system. Being still in preview phase, there might be some bugs, but it represents a significant advancement for Windows 10 users. Dev Home joins other Windows 11 features, such as Microsoft Copilot and a new weather interface for the lock screen, which will also be implemented in Windows 10 over the course of the year.

Windows 10 is still the most used operating system, with over 1 billion PCs worldwide adopting it. This widespread adoption was one of the main reasons that led Microsoft to introduce feature backporting from Windows 11 to Windows 10. This strategy not only keeps the operating system up to date but also ensures that a wider user base can benefit from the latest innovations.

dev home windows 10

The Impact of Dev Home on Software Development

The arrival of Dev Home on Windows 10 is not just a matter of convenience. It represents a significant change in the way developers interact with the operating system. With more accessible tools and an integrated platform, developers’ productivity is bound to improve. This evolution underscores the importance of a software ecosystem that adapts to the ever-changing needs of developers.

With these initiatives, Microsoft reasserts its role as a leader in the field of technology and software. The decision to make advanced tools like Dev Home available on more widely used operating systems demonstrates the company’s attention to developers’ needs and its future-oriented vision.


The extension of Dev Home to Windows 10 is a demonstration of how Microsoft continues to lead innovation in the tech sector, offering increasingly powerful and accessible tools to developers. This evolution paves the way for new possibilities in the world of software development, making technology more inclusive and suited to meet future challenges.

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