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Windows 10 Update: The Best Features of Windows 11 Now Available

Windows 10 is still a mainstay for Microsoft users. Despite the spread of Windows 11, Microsoft has recently revitalized Windows 10 with significant updates that complement excellent third-party solutions.

Windows 10 update

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New Horizons for Windows 10

In late 2023, Microsoft took users by surprise by announcing a new series of updates and innovations for Windows 10. Prominent among the main innovations announced were the introduction of Copilot and the addition of an innovative weather widget for the lock screen. These evolutions underscore the company’s renewed interest in Windows 10, an operating system that, despite approaching the end of its official support, set for October 14, 2025, remains crucial to a large and diverse user base.

These developments represent not only a technological evolution, but also a strategy aimed at keeping Windows 10 in step with market needs and expectations. Microsoft, with these steps, confirms its commitment to support and update an operating system that has already proven its robustness and reliability over the years.

The present of Windows 10

Even today, Windows 10 is still a solid and reliable platform, effectively meeting the needs of most of its users. In its current form, the operating system has a wide range of features that meet the basic and advanced requirements of different types of users, from professionals to technology enthusiasts.

Despite this, it is inevitable that some users may miss specific features. In these cases, the wide availability of third-party applications is an effective solution. These applications allow you to extend and customize the Windows 10 user experience, filling any gaps and adding additional features that address specific needs.
However, it is clear that Microsoft does not intend to stop here. The company continues to invest in Windows 10, preparing to launch new innovations and updates. This approach demonstrates an ongoing commitment to improving and updating the operating system, even in the face of the emergence of new technologies and evolving user needs.

Windows 10 Professional

Windows 10 Professional

149,99€ 39,99€

Copilot in Windows 10: A Step Toward the Future

The introduction of Copilot in Windows 10 represents a significant step forward in technological innovation. Although currently its integration into the operating system is still at an early and relatively limited stage, Copilot marks a remarkable evolution in the Windows user interface. This new tool introduces innovative interaction modes, paving the way for a more intuitive and personalized user experience.

Copilot, with its artificial intelligence-based capabilities, promises to transform the way users interact with their computers. This technology not only simplifies everyday tasks and operations, but also aims to provide more effective support in managing tasks, optimizing processes, and improving overall system accessibility.

With Copilot, Windows 10 is approaching a concept of a “virtual assistant” that goes beyond simple voice command or search functionality. It is a step toward a future in which the computer is not just a tool, but an active partner in work and daily activities, able to learn from the user’s interactions and proactively adapt to the user’s needs.

Centered Taskbar: Aesthetics and Functionality

The introduction of a carefully designed centered taskbar can make significant improvements to the user experience, especially on large screens. This design element, if implemented carefully, can offer significant aesthetic and functional benefits to Windows 10. Microsoft could draw inspiration from Windows 11 to further optimize this feature, making the interface more intuitive and accessible for all users.

The centered taskbar represents an aesthetic choice that lends a modern touch to the appearance of the operating system. Particularly on large screens, it greatly facilitates visibility and access to applications. This central placement allows users to reach their apps more efficiently, either with a glance or with the mouse cursor. However, some design considerations must be taken into account.

One critical aspect is the location of the Start menu button, which should always be accessible and clearly visible, regardless of the location of the taskbar. This detail is critical to ensure a seamless user experience where users can easily find the access point to their applications and main menus.

Third-party solutions

There are also third-party solutions, such as TaskbarX available in the Microsoft Store, that allow users to customize their taskbar and tailor it to their preferences. This demonstrates the growing user demand for a high-quality centered taskbar.

The centered taskbar represents a design element that can significantly benefit the user experience on Windows 10. Optimizing this feature, taking cues from Windows 11 and listening to user needs, could further improve the accessibility and aesthetics of the operating system, providing a more pleasant and efficient user experience.

Windows 10 File Explorer

File Explorer with Tab: A Required Functionality

The introduction of tabs in File Explorer has been a constant request from users. Windows 11 has finally answered this need, but it would be just as appropriate if Windows 10 could also enjoy this feature, perhaps with improved performance and fewer problems.

Tabs are an intuitive way to manage files and folders on an operating system. They allow users to organize their file tasks more efficiently, avoiding the clutter of several open windows. With tabs, you can quickly switch between folders, copy and paste files between them, and keep everything under control.

Windows 11 accommodated this request by introducing tabs in File Explorer. However, Windows 10 users, who still make up a significant portion of the user base, remain deprived of this convenient feature. Therefore, it would be desirable for Microsoft to consider implementing tabs in Windows 10 as well.

In addition to the addition of this feature, it would be important to ensure that it works efficiently and smoothly. A version of File Explorer with tabs in Windows 10 should offer smooth performance and stability to meet users’ expectations.

Meanwhile, there are already third-party solutions, such as Files App available in the Microsoft Store or Stardock’s Groupy, that allow Windows 10 users to take advantage of tabs in the File Explorer.

Windows subsystem for Android

The latest frontier in technology integration is the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA). Although it is technically possible to use it on Windows 10 as well, it would be desirable for Microsoft to offer official support for this feature, thus opening up new and broad possibilities for Android users.

The Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) represents a significant innovation that breaks down the barriers between the two operating ecosystems. This feature allows users to run Android applications directly on Windows, opening the door to a world of Android apps and services on a Windows environment.

Although it is technically possible to use WSA on Windows 10 through unofficial methods, official support from Microsoft would bring significant benefits. Users could benefit from a more stable and secure experience, with regular updates and deeper integration into the Windows ecosystem.

This approach would also allow Android users to leverage apps and services on a Windows operating system, thus extending the possibilities and versatility of their devices. With Microsoft’s official support, the Windows Subsystem for Android could become an even more powerful and accessible tool for users of both platforms.


Windows 10 remains a viable operating system in the Microsoft ecosystem. Recent innovations and planned updates demonstrate that, despite the advent of Windows 11, Windows 10 will continue to evolve and meet the needs of its many users. Microsoft’s strategy of continuing to invest in this mature, yet still widely used operating system underscores its commitment to providing cutting-edge technology solutions suitable for a diverse audience.

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