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Windows 10 evolves: the Windows 11 Photos App is coming!

The Windows 11 Photos App is coming to Windows 10: a special preview of the new OS version

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Windows 11 takes center stage, but Microsoft’s commitment to Windows 10 users remains unchanged. The choice to deliver the most recent and updated version of the Photos App on Windows 10 is evidence of this, as it shows how, in the vast universe of Windows users, those employing past versions of the Operating System are not neglected.

Windows 10: Photos App from Windows 11 is coming!

The Photos App, which is currently quite popular in its Windows 11 iteration, is expected to provide a far richer visual and functional experience. The software has been renewed thanks to a revamped user interface, which includes new and intriguing features ranging from an upgraded library to flawless interaction with OneDrive, improved “Memories,” and multi-window experiences.

In light of these developments, installing Windows 10 appears to be a good option, especially on devices that fail to meet the minimum requirements for upgrading to Windows 11.

While one would assume that the arrival of this software is an official announcement, it is worth noting that the information comes from an avid user. The latter stated that Microsoft has already published a package compatible with Windows 10, followed by an optimistic message stating that “a new update of the Photos app with exciting improvements is on its way.” This news comes just a week after Microsoft announced that Cortana would be removed from Windows 10.

Windows 10

Windows 10

Starting from 34,99€

How to activate the Photos App in preview on Windows 10

Here’s how to preview the Photos app on Windows 10:

If you wish, for any reason, to go back to the previous version of the app, simply access the Photos App, navigate to the settings and select “Get Photos Legacy“, which is an option designed to ensure maximum flexibility for users.

app foto Windows 11


Microsoft’s commitment to its users is clear and tangible, and the arrival of the Windows 11 Photos app on Windows 10 is a shining testament to that. This move not only recognizes the large user base who still rely on Windows 10, but also provides an opportunity to experience some of the most modern and advanced features without necessarily having to upgrade the entire Operating System.

The fact that the news emerged thanks to the attention of an enthusiast shows how much the community is at the center of the Windows world, constantly looking for news and improvements. The procedure for installing the Photos App is simple, and the chance of going back to the previous edition guarantees freedom of choice for each user.

In conclusion, the evolution of Photos App shows Microsoft’s ongoing dedication to improve, innovate, and respond to the needs of customers, regardless of the Operating System version they run. Microsoft shows once again its ability to listen to and cherish its huge community, ensuring an always cutting-edge IT experience.

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