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Windows 10 22H2: Preview of the New Copilot Feature

Windows 10 22H2 and Copilot to Revolutionize User Experience with Unprecedented Capabilities and Advanced Features

Windows 10 22H2

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Windows 10 22H2 and Copilot

Microsoft recently launched a preview of the Windows 10 version 22H2 for members of the Release Preview Channel in its Insider Program. This exciting update, designated as build 19045.3757 (KB5032278), introduces a significant addition to the operating system: the Copilot feature. Previously hinted at by Microsoft, this integration marks a crucial step in enhancing the user’s interaction with the longstanding OS.

Expanding Copilot Feature to Windows 10 Home and Pro

While Copilot is already part of Windows 11 23H2, its availability in Europe remains under wraps, requiring specific commands for activation. Recognizing the continued popularity of Windows 10 – which holds over 69% of the market share according to StatCounter – Microsoft is bringing Copilot to this version as well. This strategic move comes even as the end-of-support date for Windows 10 is set for 2028. To download Copilot, you must activate Windows 10 with an original product key.

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Availability of Copilot in Windows 10

Copilot is embedded in build 19045.3757 (KB5032278) available in the Release Review Channel. Insiders can anticipate access by selecting the “Get the latest updates as soon as available” option in Windows Update. This feature might become accessible to all users either with the optional end-of-month update or with the mandatory December 12 update (Patch Tuesday).

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The Initial Launch and Future Plans of Copilot

Initially, users of Windows 10 Home and Pro will experience the convenience of Copilot, with plans to extend it to other editions. The minimum hardware requirements include an HD (720p) resolution screen and 4 GB of RAM. A dedicated button for Copilot will be added to the taskbar, but this is limited to configurations with a single monitor and horizontal taskbar positions.

Capabilities and Limitations

While Microsoft emphasizes that not all features of Windows 11’s Copilot will be available in this version, it remains a powerful tool to enhance productivity. The assistant facilitates various operations via natural language text prompts or voice commands, demonstrating Microsoft’s commitment to improving the user experience in its legacy operating system.

This update by Microsoft not only signals the company’s dedication to its existing user base but also its foresight in adapting to evolving technology, ensuring that even older systems remain relevant and efficient in today’s fast-paced digital world.

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