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Will Windows 11 on Steam eclipse Windows 10?

Growing use of Windows 11 on Steam according to a hardware and software survey conducted by Steam itself in June 2023, despite Windows 10 continuing to dominate as an operating system.

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A year after its launch, one wonders how fast Windows 11 on Steam is spreading and how many users have embraced the change from Windows 10 to the new operating system. To gauge the adoption of Windows 11 in an interesting way, we can look at the situation on Steam, the popular PC gaming platform that allows fans to buy and play with their favourite videogames through a single point of access, so popular with users, developers and publishers.

Windows 11 and Steam: Survey Results

As usual, Steam conducts a monthly survey to detect market trends among gamers, providing information on the most widely used hardware components and the world’s most popular operating systems. Now, let’s look at some interesting results that emerged from Steam’s hardware and software survey for the month of June 2023.

According to the data obtained from the survey, 96.77% of Steam users still use Windows as their operating system, but only 59.43% of them stick to Windows 10, registering a slight decrease of 1.08% from the previous month. In contrast, Windows 11 saw a growth of 1.76 percent to 35.75 percent.

Although this is modest growth, it is important to note that Windows 11 also benefited from the decrease in users using OSX and Linux, down 0.60% and 0.03%, respectively.

Windows 11

Windows 11

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In summary, Windows 11 adoption is proceeding at a gentle pace. Although Microsoft has strongly advised users to upgrade to Windows 11, dropping support for almost all versions of Windows 10, many users still have doubts about the performance of the latest version of the operating system or simply prefer the aesthetics and functionality of its predecessor. Are you interested in upgrading to Windows 11? Read our guides to downloading Windows 11 and activating it.

Windows 11: More Interesting News in the World of Gaming 

In addition to information on Windows 11 adoption, the Steam survey revealed other interesting news for gamers. For example, there was a 2.33 percent drop in the number of users playing games in Full HD, although this resolution still remains the most popular worldwide, with 62 percent of users preferring it. Remarkably, however, 1280 x 720 resolution, the HD standard, is experiencing significant growth.

Windows 11 is making slow but steady progress on Steam, winning users’ trust little by little. Despite initial uncertainties, it appears that the operating system has begun to take hold in the hearts of gamers, offering them new experiences and significant improvements. While the dominance of Windows 10 continues to endure, the future looks promising for Windows 11 as more and more users open up to change and embrace this new era in gaming.

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