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Twist: Microsoft aligns with EU DMA and transforms Windows 11 by allowing you to delete OneDrive, Edge and Bing!

With the introduction of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) by the European Union, a new chapter opens for Windows 11 users, who now enjoy unprecedented freedom in personalizing their digital experiences.

Microsoft DMA

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Microsoft and the DMA: A Path to Compliance

Having been designated a gatekeeper by the EU, Microsoft has taken several steps to align with DMA guidelines. These include the introduction of features that allow users in the European Economic Area to uninstall Microsoft Edge, disable Bing in Windows search, and disable the Microsoft News feed and ads in the widget wall on Windows 11. These changes, deployed through the latest version of Windows 11, reflect Microsoft’s commitment to ensuring that its services respect the principles of healthy competition and freedom of choice mandated by the DMA.

Freedom of Choice on Windows 11

Microsoft’s adoption of DMA-compliant measures represents a significant change in the management of its integrated services, such as OneDrive, Edge and Bing. These changes, aimed at ensuring greater interoperability and offering users a wider variety of options, mark an important step toward a more open and competitive digital ecosystem.

Greater Interoperability to Promote Competition

Microsoft’s decision to make its services more interoperable is a direct response to European Union requirements for entities considered “gatekeepers” in the digital marketplace. This allows Windows 11 users not only to uninstall default applications such as OneDrive, Edge and Bing but also to more easily integrate third-party applications, thus enriching their user experience.

Uninstalling OneDrive: Greater Control for Users

The ability to disable or uninstall OneDrive on Windows 11 is a clear sign of Microsoft’s desire to give users more control over their digital assets. This option, outlined in a support document recently published on Microsoft’s official website, is particularly significant for those seeking storage alternatives or simply wanting more digital cleanliness.

LinkedIn and DMA Compliance.

LinkedIn, Microsoft’s professional social networking platform, has also adapted to the DMA, introducing new APIs that facilitate seamless access to data by users and authorized third-party developers. This openness not only promotes greater transparency but also encourages closer collaboration between European business users and independent ad verification partners, thus ensuring greater effectiveness and integrity in ad inventory.

Recent changes implemented by Microsoft in response to the European Union’s Digital Markets Act reflect a deep commitment to creating a fairer, more transparent and open digital environment. With greater freedom of choice and control over applications and services, Windows 11 users can now navigate a digital space that values fair competition and privacy, setting new standards for the technology industry globally.

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