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The New Paint Update: Introduction of Layers and Transparency

Paint update marks a new chapter in digital art, offering advanced tools for limitless creation.

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The latest update to the Paint app, now available to Windows Insider users, brings exciting new features: layer management and the introduction of transparency. These new features transform the experience of using the app, making it even more versatile and powerful.

Paint: advanced layer management

With this new version (11.2308.18.0 or later) intended for Canary and Dev channels, digital art enthusiasts can explore new dimensions in creation. The ability to add, delete and manage layers directly on the canvas offers unprecedented creative freedom. Each element, be it a shape, text or image detail, can be placed in a specific layer, allowing the artist to overlay them as desired.

layers of Paint

To access this function, simply click on the “Layers” button on the toolbar. From here, a side panel opens, allowing you to manage and change the order of the various layers. By changing the order, you can observe how the final image changes, resulting in ever new and original compositions.

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These new features come after the announcement of the arrival of artificial intelligence on Paint. Click here if you wish to find out the rest of Paint’s new features on Windows 11.

Transparency on Paint: a touch of magic

In addition to layer management, the update introduces support for transparency. This means that it is now possible to work with transparent PNGs, offering additional creative possibilities. When working on a layer, a checkerboard pattern on the canvas will indicate the areas of the image that have been made transparent. And that’s not all: by removing content from a layer, it will be possible to reveal what is hidden in the layers below.

The real game changer? The combination of transparency, layer management and Paint’s other powerful tools. This synergy allows for stunning digital artwork, and, using the new background removal feature, artists can bring layered, eye-catching compositions to life in just a few clicks.

paint transparent background


The world of digital art is constantly evolving, and the Paint app update is proof of that. With advanced layer management and support for transparency, creative possibilities are expanded like never before. Windows Insider users now have an even more powerful tool in their hands to express all their creativity. All that remains is to experiment and let your imagination run wild!

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