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SUDO Function Arrives on Windows 11: A Radical Change Inspired by Linux!

The SUDO feature released in build 26052 for users in the Insider Preview program marks a turning point in Windows usage, offering unprecedented flexibility and control.


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The Adoption of Sudo on Windows: What Changes 

The Sudo feature, rooted in the traditions of Unix and Linux operating systems for its ability to grant elevated privileges, now arrives on Windows 11, promising to revolutionize access to advanced system features. With this addition, developers and experienced users can now perform operations requiring administrative permissions with an ease and security never before seen on Windows platforms. The release of Sudo for Windows took place in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26052. The project is open source, and is available on Github.

WIndows 11 Professional

Windows 11 Professional

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A Step Forward for Developers

The integration of the Sudo command into Windows 11 represents a strategic move by Microsoft aimed at making its operating system an even more powerful and adaptable environment for software development. With the ability to use familiar commands and tools from the Unix/Linux world, developers will enjoy greater compatibility and productivity, paving the way for increasingly sophisticated innovations and applications.

Modes and Customization of Sudo

The new Sudo feature adapts to different needs and work styles, offering three modes of use: separate window, input disabled, and inline mode. These options allow you to customize the experience according to your preferences, improving efficiency and interaction with the operating system. Let’s look at the modes in detail: 

  • In a New Window: By selecting this option, execution of the command will take place in a new dedicated window. This approach keeps the operations with elevated privileges separate from the rest of the work environment, reducing the risk of unintended interactions with other processes.
  • With Input Disabled: In this configuration, the command will be executed directly in the current window, but without the possibility of interaction (closed stdin). This mode ensures that the elevated process cannot be influenced by external input during its execution, increasing the safety of critical operations.
  • Inline: By opting for this mode, the user will have a similar experience to that offered by Sudo on other platforms, with the command being executed in the same window from which it was activated. This option provides a balance between accessibility and control, allowing direct interaction with the elevated process.

You can change the configuration option, using the drop-down menu on the Settings > For Developers page in the Windows Settings.

sudo windows 11

Alternatively, you can run the following command in a console session with elevated privileges.

How to Enable Sudo in Windows 11

Before proceeding with enabling the Sudo command on your system, it is critical to consider the security implications associated with each mode of execution. Choosing the most appropriate mode will depend on the type of task to be performed, the level of interaction required, and the sensitivity of the data or processes involved.

To activate the Sudo command and configure its behavior, follow these steps:

  • Open the Windows 11 Settings.
  • Navigate to the System section and then select For Developers.
  • Here you will find the option to enable the Sudo command. Activate it to enable the feature.
enable Sudo

You can enable Sudo by running the following command in a console session with elevated privileges: sudo config –enable <configuration_option>

Next, select the preferred mode for the Sudo command from the available drop-down menu, choosing from “in a new window,” “with input disabled,” or “inline.”
You can follow this video to learn more about how Sumo for Windows 11 works.


The arrival of the Sudo feature in Windows 11 is a clear sign of Microsoft’s commitment to meeting the needs of developers and advanced users, seeking to offer an operating system that is both powerful, flexible and secure. This evolution opens up new possibilities in the use of Windows, making it an increasingly close development environment to those traditionally favored by technology experts. With these innovations, Microsoft not only strengthens its position in the operating system industry but also lays the groundwork for future integrations that will continue to transform the technology landscape.

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