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Ready for Windows 11 24H2? Find out What Will Change in Your PC!

Discover the latest on Windows 11 Version 24H2: update focused on artificial intelligence, significant performance and security improvements, new Copilot features, and more. Keep up to date with the latest technology trends with Windows 11 24H2.

Windows 11 24H2

Table of Contents

Windows 11 Version 24H2: A Technological Revolution is Coming

Technology never stands still, and Microsoft is ready to prove it with the highly anticipated update to Windows 11, the 24H2 version called Hudson Valley. Expected by the end of 2024, this version promises to be a milestone in the operating system landscape, bringing significant new features and a focus on next-generation artificial intelligence (AI). Upgrading to this version of the operating system will be free for anyone with an active Windows 11 license.

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Windows 11 Version 24H2: Innovations and Improvements in Brief

  • Microsoft Copilot: Greater integration of artificial intelligence for a simplified and more intuitive user experience.
  • Snap Layout and File Explorer: Significant improvements in usability and functionality.
  • Quick Settings and Phone Connection: Changes for more efficient management of settings and better integration with mobile devices.
  • Energy Saving: New options to better manage device power consumption.
  • General: Updates that touch various aspects of the operating system, from Wi-Fi to printing, for a better overall experience.

Release Date of Windows 11 24H2

Microsoft’s goal is a September release window for version 24H2, with the upgrade being finalized during the summer. This version is intended to enhance next-generation AI PCs, some of which will ship as early as June with the 24H2 version preinstalled.

New AI Features: A Turn in User Interaction

The focus of Windows 11 version 24H2 will be the enhanced user experience through artificial intelligence. Microsoft anticipated the introduction of an advanced version of Copilot for Windows, which will use AI and machine learning to optimize productivity across different applications, improving search and overall interaction with the system. This Copilot will be easily accessible and configurable, promising to revolutionize the way users interact with their PCs.

Windows 11 24H2 Copilot

Png and Metadata Editing 

Another remarkable feature of the 24H2 version of Windows 11 is the enriched functionality related to PNG files. In the new version, PNG files gain the ability to support the viewing and editing of metadata. This update opens new frontiers in image management, making it more intuitive to organize and search for specific files.

Users can now assign a star rating to their PNG files directly from the properties dialog box. This feature is especially useful for professionals who work with a large volume of images and need a quick and effective way to classify and retrieve the most important images.

You can add a detailed description to your Png files, making it easier to understand the content of the image without having to open it. This is a significant advantage, especially for those who manage image archives, as it gives you an immediate idea of the image content.

Finally, adding keywords to your PNG files allows you to organize your images more efficiently, making it easier to search for specific files based on relevant keywords.

Snap Layouts and File Explorer: Improvements for Efficiency.

Microsoft is also revamping existing features, such as Snap Layouts, leveraging machine learning to automatically suggest commonly used apps.

Snap Layout Windows 11 24H2

The File Explorer will not be outdone, with the introduction of the ability to create compressed 7zip, TAR and ZIP archive files in additional formats and performance improvements with large files.

Windows 11 24H2 file Explorer

Quick Settings and Phone Link: Versatility and Convenience

The 24H2 release of Windows 11 introduces significant innovations in the Quick Settings panel, located on the taskbar, that aim to make the user experience smoother and more intuitive. One of the major innovations is the transformation of the Quick Settings interface into a paginated version. This change means that users can now scroll through all the Quick Settings available on their PC, rather than being limited to a default selection. This new layout provides more immediate and organized access to various functions, significantly improving usability. Despite the new paginated layout, Microsoft maintains a high level of customization. Users can still arrange quick settings to their liking by simply clicking and dragging options in the panel. This flexibility allows everyone to tailor the panel to their own needs and usage preferences. Another important new feature is the introduction of an update button in the Wi-Fi list of the Quick Settings panel. This button allows users to easily update the list of available Wi-Fi networks, a small but significant improvement for those who move frequently. 

For VPN users, the 24H2 version brings an improved user interface for managing VPN connections directly from the Quick Settings panel. A new split switch allows VPN activation or deactivation with a single click, simplifying the management of secure connections and making them more accessible. Microsoft has been working to optimize the performance of the Quick Settings panel. The goal is to reduce the time it takes to open the panel, especially on the first boot after a system reboot.Changes to the Quick Settings panel and the Phone Link update, which will allow the phone to be used as a webcam, highlight Microsoft’s quest for greater convenience and versatility.

windows 11 24H2 quick settings

Energy Efficiency: A Step Toward Sustainability

Another significant innovation is the new “Energy Saving” mode. This feature, applicable to both battery and desktop PCs, aims to reduce power consumption and, consequently, carbon emissions, reaffirming Microsoft’s commitment to environmental sustainability. An interesting new feature is the introduction of a power-saving icon in the taskbar for desktop PCs, which serves as a visual reminder of the power savings taking place. In addition, Microsoft has integrated more power controls into the Settings app, allowing users to customize their PC’s power management in a more detailed and intuitive way.

windows 11 24H2 energy saver

Removing Preinstalled Apps in Windows 11 Version 24H2

With the release of the 24H2 version of Windows 11, Microsoft is taking a more streamlined and focused approach to the applications pre-installed in the operating system. This decision reflects a significant shift in the company’s strategy, aiming to offer a cleaner and more customizable user experience from the start.

Among the most notable changes are the removal of several built-in applications that were traditionally part of the standard Windows installation. Applications such as Cortana, Mail, Calendar, Maps, People, Movies and TV will no longer be automatically installed with the operating system. This change gives users more control over the applications on their device, reducing the overload of unused software. Microsoft has announced that WordPad, a longtime word processing utility in Windows, will also be removed in a future update. This decision suggests a move toward more modern and functional alternatives, either offered by Microsoft or third parties. This strategy of “lightening” the operating system has several positive implications for users. First, it allows for greater customization of the system, as users can choose which apps to install based on their specific needs. In addition, removing preinstalled apps can lead to improved system performance, especially on devices with limited hardware resources.

Windows 11 Version 24H2: Not Just an Update, but a Revolution

The 24H2 version of Windows 11 is not simply an update, but a real revolution in the field of operating systems. By incorporating artificial intelligence-based features and significant improvements in existing functions, Microsoft is set to redefine the user experience, emphasizing productivity, sustainability and efficiency. We look forward to more details and updates as the release date approaches, but one thing is certain: the era of next-generation AI PCs is upon us, and Windows 11 version 24H2 is ready to lead this transformation.

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Future Name: Windows 12?

Despite speculation about a possible “Windows 12” rebranding, at the moment, the designation of a significant update to Windows 11 is being maintained. Such anticipations come amid internal changes at Microsoft, with the recent departure of former Windows chief Panos Panay.


Anticipation for Windows 11 Version 24H2 is high, and with good reason. The promised innovations, particularly in the area of artificial intelligence, are set to revolutionize not only the user experience but also the way we interact with our devices. We will continue to keep you updated on all new developments as they are made available or discovered. Stay tuned for more on this exciting evolution of the Windows operating system!

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