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Paint on Windows 11: the Revolutionary Background Removal Feature

Microsoft Paint, the beloved drawing application, is renewed with Windows 11 by introducing an advanced feature for removing the background.


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Removing the background from images on Paint is a significant step forward for users who want to work with images in a more professional way.

Paint: A New Tool to Remove Background

With the latest update to Paint on Windows 11, Insider users now have access to a feature that lets you delete the background of images with just one click. This option, currently available in the Dev and Canary channels, promises to revolutionize the way we work with images. This new feature comes after the announcement of the renewal of the Paint app on Windows 11, with the arrival of Dark Mode, the improvement of the user interface and the introduction of layers and transparency. But suprises don’t end here: the integration of artificial intelligence into Paint will expand your creative power like never before.

WIndows 11 Professional

Windows 11 Professional

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Removing the background in Paint: here’s how to do it

Within the “Image” section of the toolbar, users can now find a dedicated button: “Remove Background”. The tool lets you isolate the main subject of an image and remove anything else around it. Additionally, for users who need more flexibility, the rectangle selection feature may now be used to define the exact area from which to remove the background.

remove background Paint

Remove Background in Paint: Comparison with Other Editors

During BleepingComputer‘s analysis, it came to light that this new Paint feature is quite effective. Regardless of the image’s complexity or different shades of color, the tool showed to be accurate in isolating the subject. While many other image editors provide similar features, the ease of use and efficacy of this tool over Paint make it perfect for users wanting quick results without the need of more complex software.

Paint Update Availability

Those who want to try out this fresh feature should know that it is available in Paint versions 11.2306.30.0 and later. Don’t worry if you haven’t yet received the update: Microsoft is working hard to make this functionality available to all users as soon as possible.


In conclusion, the addition of the background removal feature in Microsoft Paint on Windows 11 represents a significant evolution for the application, making it even more useful and versatile for users all around the Globe.

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