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Paint Meets Artificial Intelligence: What’s Next in Windows 11?

Is Artificial Intelligence Landing on Paint? The rumors say yes!

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With the advent of Windows 11, many are wondering if Microsoft will build artificial intelligence (AI) into its most iconic apps, like Paint. After seeing the company’s growing emphasis on AI in recent months, it seems the answer may be yes.

Artificial intelligence on Paint, but not just that!

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, put AI at the center of the corporate vision, as shown during the Microsoft Build 2023 event. During the conference, in addition to the announcement of Copilot’s release, Microsoft and OpenAI also announced the integration of AI into several of its key products, including Bing, Windows Terminal, and Edge. So it seems that the renewal of Paint App on Windows 11 is greater than we could have imagined.

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According to claims from websites like Windows Central, it appears like Microsoft is testing AI with Paint and other built-in Windows 11 applications. The goal is to provide users with the ability to create more complex and intricate graphics using straightforward drafts or text prompts.

Possible Upcoming Innovations:

  • Integration with Bing Image Creator: This feature could allow Paint to transform a simple sketch into an advanced and realistic graphic representation.
  • Improvements in the Photo app: With AI, the app could automatically identify and crop subjects or objects in images, a feature that already exists on platforms such as Android and iOS.
  • OCR technology in multiple apps: This technology could be integrated into the screenshot snipping tool and Camera app, making it easier to copy text from images or screenshots.

Windows 11’s ongoing development and AI

Despite the excitement, there are still no official release dates for these advanced features. Microsoft’s focus on AI isn’t new. AI is already a key component of Microsoft Azure, and with Windows 11 and the new Windows Copilot assistant, expectations are high.

Rumors suggest that Paint, Photos, and Camera could be the focus of innovative experiments. The technology behind these features may be the same as used in the Bing Image Creator, allowing for greater interactivity and accuracy.

On September 21, Microsoft is planning a special event, during which the new Surface laptops and further news on the integration of AI in Windows could be presented. We can do nothing but look forward to the next revelations from the US company.

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In conclusion, with the advent of Windows 11, the integration of AI could radically transform the way we use everyday applications, making the user experience even more intuitive and advanced.

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