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Paint app revamp on Windows 11: Dark Mode and UI

Find out what's new in the Paint app on Windows 11 which has been renewed to offer an even more intuitive user experience.

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Windows 11 has reserved pleasant surprises for Paint lovers. This iconic application, deeply rooted in the hearts of many users, has undergone important evolutions, especially in terms of user interface. Let’s explore the recent changes together.

Paint: Improvements overview

According to the official Microsoft blog, the most recent version of Paint for Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev streams (version 11.2306.23.0) features several enhancements. This release expands on earlier this year’s advancements, such as support for centered canvas and more granular zoom. Minor improvements have also been made to the toolbar.

Windows 11

Windows 11

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The Value of User Feedback

Windows continues to prioritize user feedback. The Feedback Hub (accessed by pressing WIN + F) has a specific section, Apps > Paint, where users may express their thoughts and come up with ideas. And one of the most passionate requests, Paint’s Dark Mode on Windows 11, is now a reality. These upgrades were revealed as part of Microsoft Build 2023, which also marked the end of the Cortana era on Windows 11, now replaced by Copilot, the new virtural assistant based upon advanced artificial intelligence. If you’re still on the fence about switching to the new Operating System, read our Windows 11 review; we’re confident it will help you decide.

How to Activate Dark Mode in Paint on Windows 11

To benefit from dark mode, users simply need to update the app. This can be done through the Microsoft Store. The path is simple: select “Collection” and then “Get Updates”. Once the update is complete and the app has launched, if Windows is already in dark mode, Paint will automatically follow.

magic paint

Evolution and Longevity of Paint

Many people may recall that Microsoft planned to give up Paint in 2017, instead promoting its replacement, Paint 3D. However, user outcry forced a reconsideration of this choice, and Paint was preserved for future generations. With almost 40 years of existence (starting in 1985), the app has shown its resilience and importance. Paint, which was created in response to Apple’s MacPaint, has lasted decades and is still popular among many users.

Therefore, Microsoft has decided to continue to invest in Paint, transforming it into a cutting-edge digital drawing app, as evidenced by the latest updates integrating artificial intelligence-based tools. One example is Cocreator, an innovative tool that leverages advanced Dall-E technology to generate images from simple text descriptions.


Windows 11 has undoubtedly given the iconic Paint software a breath of fresh air. The new updates show Microsoft’s dedication to keeping its legacy apps alive and updated, ensuring the greatest possible user experience at all times.

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