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Notepad on Windows 11 – Now with Artificial Intelligence!

Microsoft has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into the classic Notepad for Windows 11. This update, embodied in the new Explain with Copilot feature, marks a significant evolution in the use of digital writing tools, offering users previously unimagined capabilities.


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New Experience in Notepad with AI.

With the latest update, Windows 11 users will see the traditional Notepad transformed by integration with Copilot, an AI-based assistant designed to interpret and analyze text. This evolution not only enriches the app with new capabilities but also introduces a revolutionary way to interact with your text documents. This is not the first new feature introduced by Microsoft in Notepad, which had recently seen the introduction of auto-saving and character counting.

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Microsoft has made a preliminary version of this innovative integration available to users subscribed to the Windows Insider Canary and Dev channels, allowing them to preview the capabilities of Explain with Copilot in Notepad. This feature allows users to select desired text and, with one click, have it analyzed by Copilot, which will then search the Internet for answers, transforming the way we interact with written information.

Explain with Copilot: How does it work?

Using Explain with Copilot is intuitive: by selecting text and right-clicking, the content is automatically transferred to the sidebar of Copilot for Windows. This process not only simplifies the search for information but also opens the door to smoother and more direct interaction with your texts, making it easier to understand and process the data.

The Coming of Cowriter in Notepad: The Next Frontier.

In addition to Explain with Copilot, Microsoft is developing Cowriter, another AI-based feature that promises to further revolutionize the Notepad writing experience. Cowriter will be able to generate text documents following specific user directives, adapting to required tone, length, and format, marking another milestone in the evolution of digital writing assistance.


The announcement of these new AI features for Windows 11 Notepad is not only a step forward for Microsoft in the field of artificial intelligence, but also represents a paradigm shift for users, who will see their expressive and analytical possibilities enriched. While we await further developments, it is clear that the future of Notepad looks innovative, with artificial intelligence at the center of an unprecedented user experience.

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