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New Sticky Notes Will Change the Way of Note Taking on Windows 11!

The new version of Sticky Notes is a clear departure from previous artificial intelligence or Copilot-based integrations, introducing a completely revamped design that combines elegance and modernity.

Sticky Notes

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What is Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes is an application developed by Microsoft that allows users to create virtual sticky notes on their computer desktop. This feature is particularly useful for jotting down reminders, tasks to be done, impromptu ideas, or any information you want to keep handy without resorting to pen and paper. Thanks to its integration with the Windows 11 operating system, Sticky Notes offers a quick and easy way to keep track of your daily activities directly on your computer screen.

This is the latest in a series of new features unveiled by Microsoft, such as Notepad with Artificial Intelligence, new Windows 11 features now available on Windows 10, and OCR in OneNote.  Given all the new features released, upgrading to Windows 11 at this time might be a really good idea.  

WIndows 11 Professional

Windows 11 Professional

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A Qualitative Leap for Sticky Notes

Microsoft recently unveiled an updated version of its Sticky Notes app for Windows, which promises to transform the user experience with an attractive design and cutting-edge functionality. This update not only gives the app a modern aesthetic but also introduces a major new feature: the ability to easily track the origin of one’s screenshots.

Access to the new Sticky Notes will be phased, with Microsoft proceeding with the rollout in phases. At the moment, distribution is restricted to Microsoft 365 Insiders in the current (preview) channel, for those using OneNote on Windows version 2402 (build 17328.20000) or later. Despite the extensive use of artificial intelligence in many contemporary applications, the new Sticky Notes is an exception, choosing not to incorporate AI capabilities.

sticky notes in windows 11

The Future of Sticky Notes 

Shortly after Microsoft’s announcement regarding major updates to Sticky Notes on Windows 11 and Windows 10, the company delivered on its promises, launching an innovative version of the app. Currently, the revamped Sticky Notes experience can be enjoyed through the OneNote app on Windows 11, in a preliminary version that aims to make note creation and retrieval smoother than ever.

Sticky Notes remains an indispensable tool for Windows 11 users, allowing them to jot down crucial details and information in an elegant and efficient manner. Although it has suffered some stalling in terms of updates in the past, the current revamp seems to herald a change of course, with a design that aligns with the modern aesthetics of other applications.

This new version not only improves aesthetics and usability but also enriches the app with advanced note-taking and screenshot capture tools. In particular, Sticky Notes now allows screenshots to be linked to web pages, apps or documents for easy future reference, facilitating immediate redirection to the original source.

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