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Nearby Share for Windows PC: Google Makes it Available

Nearby Share is the new Google app for PC that allows fast file transfer via Bluetooth.

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To make file sharing between devices easier, Google has also made the “Nearby Share” software available for Windows PCs. Easy to download from the official Android website, this new functionality enables quick and simple Bluetooth connection-based transfer. If you want to sync your Apple smartphone with your PC, use Phone link iOS for Windows 11.

Nearby Share: Initial setup

There is a brief initial setup process that must be completed before using “Nearby Share” on a Windows computer. The app must first be downloaded and installed from the official Android website. The following step is to turn on Bluetooth on your computer, which is necessary for completing the file transfer.

WIndows 11 Professional

Windows 11 Professional

179,99€ 59,99€

Set up Bluetooth on Windows 11 and Windows 10

Setting up Bluetooth on Windows 11 is a simple, yet important process to take full advantage of all the wireless features of your PC. Follow these easy steps to turn on and use Bluetooth on Windows 11.

To get started, click the “Start” button at the bottom center of your Windows 11 desktop. Next, click the gear icon to open the “Settings” of Windows. In the “Settings” window, select “Bluetooth & Devices” from the list on the left. Here you will find all the options related to the devices connected to your computer.

Here, You can manage every Bluetooth setting. Start by selecting “Devices”. Make sure the “Bluetooth” switch is set to “On” by clicking the network icon at the bottom right of the taskbar. By doing this, you’ll turn on your computer’s Bluetooth connection and make it accessible to other devices. Once Bluetooth is enabled, you can add other devices.

To pair and connect with the chosen Bluetooth device, click “Add Device” and then follow the on-screen instructions. The exact same steps apply for configuring Bluetooth in Windows 10, although the “Start” button is located in the bottom left corner rather than the center as in Windows 11.

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activating bluetooth windows-11

No Bluetooth Support? No problem!

If your PC doesn’t support Bluetooth, you can get a convenient device that fits into a USB port for a reasonable price.  Once the Android device (or Android tablet or Chromebook) is connected and the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, it will be possible to take advantage of the rapid file sharing system developed by Google.

Use the Same Google Account and Speed Up Sharing

To make transferring files even faster, we recommend that you sign in to the Nearby Share Windows app using the same Google Account you use on your Android device or Chromebook. This way, file sharing will be immediate, and you won’t have to approve each individual transfer. To ensure a solid connection, the devices must be within around 5 meters of each other.

Easy and Fast Transfer

To complete the transfer of a file from your Windows PC to another device, just use the “drag and drop” feature. To begin sharing, drag the selected file into the app’s appropriate box. Alternatively, you can use the Windows file explorer to manually choose the file or folder to be moved by selecting the relevant option.

Manage PC Visibility

The “Nearby Share” app offers the chance to manage the visibility of your PC in a customized way. You can choose whether to receive files only from your contacts, from any user, or only from their own devices. Also, you can “hide” your PC, blocking the ability to share it with other devices.

Customize the Share Nearby Windows App

To enhance the user experience, the “Nearby Share” Windows software includes a number of extra features for customizing its use:

  • Choose the PC Name: Useful for distinguishing the desktop PC from any notebooks or additional devices.
  • Set Download Folder: You can set the destination folder for shared files, making it easier to organize received documents.

Conclusions on the Share Nearby feature

Sharing files between Windows, Android, Chromebook, and tablet devices has become more effective and quick thanks to Google’s “Nearby Share” feature. Simple initial setup and customization options allow you to customize the application to each user’s needs, making file transmission quick and easy.

Share Nearby FAQ on Windows PCs

Make sure that your Windows PC is compatible with this feature. Your version of Windows should be 10 or later, and your PC must support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
Nearby Share will let you share files, links, pictures, and other content between nearby devices.
Yes, Windows 11 allows you to connect multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time. You can connect headphones, mouses, keyboards, and other Bluetooth devices without any problems.
To disconnect a Bluetooth device in Windows 11, follow these steps:
– Open the Windows 11 “Settings”.
– In the “Devices” section, click “Bluetooth and devices.”
– Find the Bluetooth device you want to disconnect and click “Remove Device”.

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