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Microsoft Teams 2.0: The long-awaited Mac version coming in September

The review of the new Microsoft Teams for Mac has been unveiled

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The highly anticipated launch of Microsoft Teams 2.0 for Mac is closer than ever. After months of testing on the Windows platform, it looks like Mac users are finally getting their updated version.

Microsoft Teams 2.0 for Mac coming soon

According to reliable sources confirmed by a confidential post from Microsoft 365, the public preview of Teams 2.0 for Mac may be available in early September 2023. Admins who are a crucial part of the Microsoft 365 public preview will have the chance to try out this new version before it is formally released. One of the distinguishing features of this new version is its flexibility. Once the public preview is active, users will have the freedom to switch from the current Teams client to the new one, and vice versa, according to the indications provided by Microsoft.

We want to remind you that Teams will no longer be available in some European bundles and that other Microsoft 365 apps have gained incredible new features. Still not sure whether to upgrade to a subscription version of Office or choose a lifetime license? Read our Microsoft 365 review and our guide to Office 2021 Professional Plus, we are sure they will help you make a decision!

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Teams for Mac: Optimized Performance and Advanced Features

Teams 2.0 isn’t just a set of cosmetic updates. Microsoft has promised significant improvements in the app’s performance. Users can expect app launches and meeting join times to be up to twice as quick. Additionally, the app is expected to consume up to 50% less memory and take up to 70% less storage space on your Mac.

In addition to these optimizations, Teams 2.0 will offer a number of new features. These include streamlined actions to minimize clutter, like notifications and messages, and the ability to stay signed in to the app even when you switch organizations or accounts. Microsoft also revealed that it will be easier to switch between chats with different groups within the same organization.

teams per mac

Official release of Microsoft Teams 2.0 for Mac

As anticipation builds, Microsoft has confirmed that Teams 2.0 will be generally available in October 2023. In a recent podcast, Anupam Pattnaik, Microsoft’s Product Lead for Teams, also mentioned that Teams 2.0 will eventually become the default version by the end of 2023. Teams will no longer be included in the European Office and Windows 365 packages.

Teams 2.0 for Windows: A Revolution in Digital Collaboration

Starting in March 2023, Windows users had the opportunity to experience the digital collaboration revolution with Teams 2.0. This updated version of the app provides a number of improvements and advanced features, designed to optimize interaction and productivity. One of the main goals of this update is to make Teams easier to use on a daily basis. Actions have been streamlined, reducing clutter and making managing notifications, searches, messages, and channels more intuitive. Plus, personalized experiences like threaded conversations, customizable group chats, and interactive emojis enable more vibrant and engaging communication.

team 2.0

Meetings on Teams have been optimized to eliminate any possible obstacles. Updates to the pre-join experience, collection view, and screen sharing make every meeting more productive. With the new Teams, staying connected is easier than ever.

Users can now stay connected to the app across different accounts and organizations, receiving notifications from all of their Teams accounts. The Channels section has also been revamped, with a compose box and recent posts positioned at the top, making it easier to start new conversations and actively participate.

The “Speaker Coach” is one of the prominent new features, a tool that gives the user instant feedback on their presentation skills. Additionally, the Calls app now allows you to set up your emergency location directly from Teams.


Bottom line, with the arrival of Microsoft Teams 2.0, Mac users can expect a revolution in their online collaboration experience. With improved performance and new features, Teams 2.0 looks set to set new standards in the world of business communication.

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