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Microsoft Office’s Aesthetic Revolution: Goodbye Calibri

Microsoft Office in September will see the advent of a new era with the replacement of the Calibri font after 15 years of honored service. Find out what's new.

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The world of Microsoft Office is about to undergo a major makeover. As an unexpected surprise, at the end of July, Calibri, the beloved “standard” font of the Office suite was set to make way for its successor: Aptos. And the official date for the entry of this new player in the Office landscape? September.

Microsoft Office Freshens Up Its Look

According to the official Microsoft Office blog, Aptos will be introduced as the default font in all Office applications for Office 365 subscribers. And there is more to the story: the Redmond-based company has in store a complete overhaul of the default Office theme, which will see the introduction of new color palettes, styles and line thickness settings.

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Microsoft 365 : A leap into the future with new colors and design

After a good 15 years of loyal service, Calibri will leave the baton to Aptos, becoming the new leading typographic face of applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. As for new color choices, yellow will be replaced by an elegant dark green, while gray will give way to shades of purple. Other colors, such as black, orange, light green, light blue, and blue will undergo refined changes.

This is all aimed at enhancing the readability of documents. The main goal is to increase the contrast with the white background of documents, whether digital or paper. 

Jess Kwok, Microsoft 365 product manager, shared that these changes have been implemented “to make documents clearer, more professional, and more intuitive to navigate.

And for enthusiasts eager to preview this new style? Microsoft is offering to sign up for the beta program, which began rolling out the new design as early as the end of July. 

Office theme Aptos


The revamped Microsoft 365 aesthetic represents more than just a visual overhaul is a tangible sign of the ongoing evolution in which technology and design come together to meet the needs of the modern user. The farewell to Calibri, a constant for more than a decade, may elicit mixed feelings among loyalists, but it is also a reminder of how change is inevitable and often necessary.

Aptos, along with the revamped color palette and other updates, promises to offer a fresher, more intuitive and accessible user experience, while providing the professionalism and clarity that Office users are accustomed to.

The move is not just a cosmetic change, but reflects Microsoft’s mission to make technology ever more user-friendly and up-to-date. It remains to be seen how the global community will embrace these changes, but one thing is certain: Microsoft Office is poised to write a new chapter in its illustrious history.

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