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Microsoft Build 2023: What’s new in Windows 11 and the expansion of the app ecosystem

The most recent features of Windows 11 were displayed in Microsoft Build 2023, including the integration of Android apps, the AI hub for developers, and improvements to the Microsoft Store.

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Microsoft unveiled numerous significant advancements for Windows 11 during the annual Build 2023 developer conference, with an emphasis on boosting the app ecosystem. This article will discuss key updates, such as support for Android apps, and enhancements to the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Build 2023: Windows 11 and Android apps

After launching Phone Link iOS for Windows 11, Microsoft made an impressive comeback with incredible innovations, which were presented to the world’s developers and tech lovers on the stage of Microsoft Build 2023

So far, Windows has supported Android apps through a partnership with Amazon and the implementation of a full emulator of Google’s open-source Operating System. However, it’s important to remember that not all Amazon Appstore apps are compatible with Windows 11.

The major development is Microsoft’s announcement that it will allow all developers with an Amazon Appstore account to distribute Android apps. Developers may now ask for the deployment of their apps on Windows 11 devices. This decision was made during a period of caution during which only a small number of apps were made available to evaluate user input, performance, and system improvement. Microsoft strongly advises developers to extensively test their applications using all available tools before submitting deployment on Windows 11.

Windows 11

Windows 11

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Microsoft Build 2023: the Microsoft Store is also being improved

Microsoft has significantly improved the Microsoft Store along with the introduction of Android apps. The following are a few of the updated features:

  1. AI Hub for Developers: the introduction of an AI-powered app and experience hub. This feature will be used by developers to create and launch cutting-edge apps that make use of AI.
  2. Concise User Reviews Summary: developers will be provided with a brief overview of reviews so they can get a sense of user feedback on their apps.
  3. Keyword Suggestions: developers will be suggested keywords to improve the visibility of their apps in the Microsoft Store. This feature will help developers optimize their app descriptions and tags to reach a wider audience.

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Microsoft Build 2023: announcements and improvements

In addition to the changes in the Microsoft Store, Microsoft has several other improvements and updates planned:

  • Advertising Expansion: Microsoft Store Ads will be integrated into Bing, and will also be available in markets outside the US. Developers will be able to display media ads in the Featured section of the Store to increase the visibility of their apps.
  • Test suite for Win32 apps: a test suite for Win32 apps will be introduced to ensure a better user experience.
  • Expanding PWAs: progressive Web Apps (PWAs) will extend into Edge’s Widgets and Sidebar, giving developers more options to engage users.
  • Automatically restore apps from the Microsoft Store: when you set up a new device, all of the apps from the Microsoft Store, including the Start and Taskbar icons, will be immediately restored, making it easier to install your favorite apps.

With these major changes, Microsoft aims at improving the Windows 11 app ecosystem, offering developers more opportunities for distribution, and users more app options.


In conclusion, Microsoft Build 2023 significantly enhanced Windows 11, with a focus on the app ecosystem. With the integration of Android apps and new features introduced in the Microsoft Store, developers will have a better chance of success, while users will enjoy a richer and more diverse experience on the Windows 11 platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

The integration of Android apps on Windows 11 is done through a partnership between Microsoft and Amazon. Windows 11 includes a full open-source operating system emulator from Google, allowing you to run Android apps directly on top of the operating system.
The innovations presented at Microsoft Build 2023 are mainly focused on Windows 11, and the expansion of the app ecosystem. However, it is not guaranteed that all of these new features will also be available on Windows 10. Microsoft tends to focus its efforts to conduct research and development on the most recent Operating System, which is currently Windows 11. Accordingly, some of the brand-new features, enhancements, and additions that Microsoft Build 2023 revealed could not be backwards compatible with Windows 10.
Yes, you may update for free to Windows 11, but there are a few things to take into account. Users who own a Windows 10 original license will be able to upgrade to Windows 11 free of charge. However, there are some system requirements that must be met in order to upgrade.

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