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Latest Windows 11 Update: Maximum control over apps

The latest Windows 11 update (KB5029351) has implemented new features and improvements.

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The recent release of Microsoft, Windows 11 22H2, has introduced significant innovations. Users who have activated early updates can experience new revolutionary features. Let’s find out together what this update has in store.

Ultimate App Control: The New Frontier of Windows 11

Fans have been awaiting news about the full management of the app ever since Microsoft anticipated it in March. Microsoft has finally complied with its promise to ensure consumers have the best possible control over their programs. As a result, the deep link URI in Settings is improved. This innovation guides users directly to the correct option, making it easy to change the default settings. Apps can now pin primary or additional tiles to the taskbar using a new API that is accessible. It’s now time to install Windows 11 in case you were wondering!

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What’s New in the Windows 11 Update: Key Features

Microsoft included some new features to Windows 11 with the continual goal of enhancing the user experience and making the Operating System more user-friendly and effective. These features not only improve the usability of the OS, but also address specific user needs, reflecting Microsoft’s attention to feedback and requests from its community. Please note that you need to activate Windows 11 to receive updates. Here is a brief overview of the latest additions:

  • Hover Behavior: While hovering over the search box, a popup window may emerge. You can customize this feature through the Taskbar Settings.
  • Adjustments to DST in Israel: Windows 11 updates in real time to DST changes, thus ensuring accurate synchronization.
  • Better Search Icon: A bug that stopped the search app from opening has been fixed.
  • Improved search app reliability.
  • Tab key functionality: Designed for easier search-results navigation.
  • Voice Assistant: Improved recognition capabilities within the search bar.
  • Search box size: Now optimized for devices like Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface Book.
update to Windows 11

The Key Improvements of Windows 11 with the KB5029351 update

Microsoft has always aimed at innovation and optimizing the performance of its Operating System. The latest set of Windows 11 updates is tangible proof of this. From more sophisticated application management to deeper control of Remote Desktop sessions, here’s a detailed overview of the key improvements we’ve introduced:

  • App Management: The update introduced new features that allow users to have greater control over the default settings of their applications, making customization simpler and more intuitive.
  • Optional Updates Policy: Designed primarily for IT administrators, this new policy offers greater flexibility in managing and implementing updates, allowing for greater operational autonomy.
  • Group Policy Enhancements: The update addressed and resolved several Group Policy-related issues, resulting in a smoother, more seamless implementation.
  • D3D12 Device APIs: These new APIs provide developers with greater versatility in creating and managing D3D12 devices, enhancing the graphics capabilities of the system.
  • WS_EX_LAYERED Window Issues Fixed: Rendering and positioning issues with WS_EX_LAYERED windows have been resolved, providing an improved viewing experience.
  • Optimization of printing processes: The update has led to an optimization of printing processes, reducing errors and guaranteeing high quality prints.
  • Improved CPU management: CPU performance has been optimized, reducing the risk of overheating and ensuring efficient use of resources.
  • Disk partition management: The update has introduced improvements in the management and manipulation of disk partitions, providing greater system stability.
  • BitLocker on large storage media: This feature ensures greater data security, even on large storage devices.
  • Remote Desktop Session Optimization: Users can now benefit from more stable remote sessions with improved performance.
  • Start menu icons after first login: The Start menu icons have been optimized, ensuring that they display correctly the first time you log in.
  • Settings Sync: Users can now benefit from better syncing of settings between different devices.
  • Resultant Set of Policy (RSOP): The update has led to an optimization of the RSOP, ensuring a correct implementation of security policies.
  • Improved experience for Windows Update for Business users: The new version has fixed some issues that could arise when using Windows Update for Business, making the overall experience smoother and error-free.
Windows 11 update assistant

How to Get the Latest Update?

For those who want to experience what’s new in Windows 11, it is essential to activate the “Get the latest updates as they are available” option in the Settings. Just go to Windows Update to activate this option. For everyone else, the long-awaited Windows 11 update will be available in September, coinciding with Patch Tuesday.


These Windows 11 improvements demonstrate Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to providing an Operating System that not only responds to user needs, but also seeks to anticipate them, offering innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

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