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Farewell to Steam on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1: What’s Changing

Steam has decided to discontinue support for older versions of Windows. This move signifies a significant shift for gamers using Valve's popular platform, compelling many to consider upgrading their operating systems.


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Farewell to Steam on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1

Steam has announced that, starting January 1, 2024, it will no longer support Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. This decision will leave a substantial number of gamers, approximately 12 million, without access to their favorite games through the platform. The primary reason behind this choice seems to be Steam’s commitment to focusing on the more recent and secure versions of Windows, such as Windows 10 e Windows 11.

Transitioning to Windows 10 or 11: A Necessary Choice

For gamers currently using Windows versions that will no longer be supported by Steam, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Transitioning to Windows 10 or upgrading to Windows 11 will not only ensure continuity in using Steam but also provide a safer and updated environment for gaming.

Windows 10 Professional

Windows 10 Professional

149,99€ 39,99€

Support from Game Developers for the Change

Steam is not the only entity pushing for the adoption of newer Windows versions. Several game developers have also announced that some of their most popular games, such as PUBG: Battlegrounds by Bluehole, will no longer be compatible with older Windows versions. This further underscores the importance of an operating system upgrade for gamers who want to continue enjoying a wide range of titles.

Concluding Thoughts on Steam’s Farewell to Windows 7 and 8

Steam’s decision to discontinue support for older Windows versions is a significant step in the digital gaming landscape. Gamers using these older versions must seriously consider upgrading to Windows 10 or 11 to continue leveraging the platform and playing their favorite titles. This change, though potentially inconvenient for some, represents an opportunity to transition to a more modern, secure, and optimized operating system tailored to the current needs of digital gaming.

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