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End of Cortana on Windows 10: Microsoft bets on Copilot

Cortana on Windows 10 is no longer operational, Microsoft has made the final decision.

cortana windows 10

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The well-known Microsoft Cortana app is no longer operational on Windows 10. In a shorter time than expected, the company has deactivated its function on both Windows 11 and Windows 10. The switchover was completed fast despite the assurance that the app will be deactivated “in a few weeks”.

Cortana on Windows 10: A journey with an unexpected conclusion

After a routine update, both Windows 11 and Windows 10 users received the same error message when trying to launch Cortana: “Cortana is no longer supported“. With this, Microsoft has definitively closed a chapter which, despite high expectations, has seen Cortana as one of the least appreciated services, receiving lukewarm responses from both the audience and critics.

The signal of the conclusion of Cortana was already on the horizon in 2020, with the latest update of  the app. Microsoft disabled Cortana on Windows 11 a few days ago, but it was undoubtedly not anticipated that Windows 10 would follow so soon.

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Copilot and other innovations in sight on Windows 11

Oltre alla decisione riguardante Cortana, Microsoft si sta concentrando sulle innovazioni di Windows 11, eliminando alcune funzioni legacy di Windows 10. Ad esempio, nel contesto dell’evoluzione del design dell’interfaccia, la famosa taskbar viene rimossa nella Build 25921 di Windows 11.

In addition to the Cortana decision, Microsoft is focusing on Windows 11 innovations, removing some legacy features of Windows 10.For instance, Windows 11 Build 25921 removes the famous taskbar as part of the evolution of interface design. These changes may debut with the Windows 11 23H2 Semi-Annual Update, and are part of Microsoft’s efforts to pave the way for Windows 12 to roll out in the fall of 2024. If you haven’t made the switch yet, it might be time for you to download Windows 11.

Copilot: il futuro è nell’Intelligenza Artificiale

Microsoft’s strategy now seems clear: push beyond traditional boundaries and embrace the potential of Artificial Intelligence. The focus is shifting to the new Copilot assistant, a product powered by sophisticated AI. This shows Microsoft’s intent to move towards a future where AI plays a central role, offering an Operating System with a strongly AI-oriented interface. On the other hand, Microsoft itself had stated during the Microsoft Build 2023 that it was going to focus on artificial intelligence.

Conclusions on Cortana and Windows 10

While Cortana represented a first attempt by Microsoft to integrate a virtual assistant within its Operating System, it has become apparent that the company has decided to take a new direction, perhaps due to a lack of positive reception from users and of criticism. With technological evolution and the expansion of artificial intelligence, Microsoft is now betting on Copilot also on Windows 10, hoping that it will offer a more advanced and intuitive solution for Windows users.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cortana and Copilot on Windows 10

Cortana has been officially disabled by Microsoft on Windows 10. Users who attempt to launch her will receive an error message stating that “Cortana is no longer supported”.
Yes, Microsoft is gearing its efforts towards AI-powered Copilot as the successor to Cortana.
Currently, Microsoft has not announced any plans for Cortana to return. The focus seems to be completely on Copilot and other innovations.
While Cortana was a traditional digital assistant, Copilot is powered by more advanced AI technology, delivering a deeper, more personalized experience to users.
No, since Cortana is no longer supported, there is no functional need to have it on your device. Future Windows 10 updates may also remove it completely.
At this time, Microsoft has not provided a specific date for the launch of Copilot on Windows 10. However, with the deactivation of Cortana, it is likely that we will see more announcements regarding Copilot in the near future.

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