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Copilot Will Also Be Released For Windows 10

Microsoft has announced great news for Windows 10 users: the long-awaited Copilot will soon be available on this version of the operating system.


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Copilot AI Arrives on Windows 10

After anticipation and rumors circulated, Microsoft has finally confirmed the introduction of Copilot on Windows 10. This artificial intelligence solution is already making waves and is set to revolutionize the experience of Windows 10 users, who have recently seen the end of Cortana.  The final decision was made following positive feedback received from users and is an important step toward an even more advanced computing experience. 

Greater Investment for a Better Experience

Microsoft made this decision after listening carefully to comments and suggestions from its users. The Redmond-based company is further investing in Copilot‘s technology to ensure a better experience for all Windows 10 users. This move demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to constantly improving its products and meeting customer needs.

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Copilot in Preview Stage

At present, Microsoft’s Copilot is not yet fully integrated into Windows 10 in the UK. Moreover, this AI solution is currently in the Preview phase. Microsoft has explicitly stated its intention to expand Copilot to other markets in the future. This means that Italian users will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of this innovative technology.

The End of Support for Windows 10

Despite this exciting news, it is important to keep in mind that Windows 10 will receive technical support and security updates only until 2028. So although Windows 10 is not intended to last forever, the arrival of Copilot in this version of the operating system offers one more reason to consider an upgrade.


Copilot represents a significant step forward in the evolution of Windows 10. Microsoft is committed to providing an increasingly advanced and personalized computing experience for its users. With the imminent arrival of Copilot, Windows 10 will become even more attractive to users around the world.

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