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Copilot for Windows 10 now available for Windows Insiders

Copilot is Microsoft's artificial intelligence, designed for Windows 11 but now available on Windows 10, that will help you get your tasks done faster.


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Copilot on Windows 10

Microsoft recently announced a major update for Windows 10 users: the introduction of Copilot, its artificial intelligence (AI)-based assistant, to the Release Preview channel for users in the Windows Insider program. This represents a significant step for the company as it extends advanced AI capabilities to its older operating systems as well.

Copilot was originally launched as part of the Moment 4 update of Windows 11 22H2 in September 2023. It is an advanced conversational AI assistant designed to facilitate various tasks for users by answering their questions directly from the taskbar. After its success on Windows 11, Microsoft has decided to implement Copilot on Windows 10 as well, thus offering its many users access to this technology before the end of official OS support

Windows 10 Professional

Windows 10 Professional

149,99€ 39,99€

How to Enable Copilot on Windows 10

Eligible users in the Windows Insider program can activate Copilot by logging into Windows Update and selecting the option to receive the latest updates.

Windows 10 copilot

After installing the recently released Build 19045.3757 (Windows 10 22H2), the Copilot icon should appear in the system tray. Currently, access to Copilot appears to be limited and unavailable to all users. In regions where it is enabled, by clicking on the Copilot icon, users can interact with the AI assistant via both text and voice.

Microsoft emphasized that not all features found in the Windows 11 release will be available on Windows 10. For example, the ability to open applications or customize settings has not yet been implemented in this preview version. Currently, Copilot on Windows 10 is only available in North America, some Asian countries, and South America. The global rollout will be gradual, with continuous updates in the coming months. Windows 10 Enterprise and Education users will receive this update at a later stage.

Conclusion and Future Prospects

The introduction of Copilot in Windows 10 demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to continuously improving the user experience through AI technology, even in its older products. This update opens up new possibilities for Windows 10 users, altough support for this version of the operating system will be available only until 2028. The arrival of Copilot on Windows 10 is a clear signal of the importance Microsoft places on AI in the future of operating systems.

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