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ChatGPT in Windows 11 Notepad: Discover the Revolution!

Microsoft is set to integrate ChatGPT into the Notepad of Windows 11. This feature, named "Cowriter," promises to radically change how you interact with your documents.

ChatGPT in Notepad

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How Cowriter of ChatGPT Works in Notepad

From images and information provided by Windows Latest, it’s clear that Microsoft is experimenting with a new ChatGPT-based feature. Files found in the Notepad app folder, such as “CoWriterCreditLimitDialog“, “CoWriterDropDownButton“, and “CoWriterWaitlistDialog“, distinctly indicate the integration of this technology.

ai in notepad

With Cowriter, you’ll be able to use the GPT-4 language model to generate content directly in your text documents. It remains to be seen whether text generation will occur based on what you’ve already written in the document, or if you’ll need to input specific prompts in a sidebar, as suggested by the presence of “CoWriterDropDownButton“. This isn’t the only new feature in the Windows 11 Notepad that Microsoft has in store; just before Christmas, a character count function was added.

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Limitations and Usage Modes of ChatGPT in Notepad

A particularly interesting feature of this integration is the reference to “CreditLimitDialog“. This suggests there might be a limit to using AI, perhaps through a credit system. This aspect could be crucial in managing access and use of this powerful technology.

cowriter in notepad

The Cowriter user interface, as shown in the promotional image, appears intuitive and similar to what is already used in Microsoft Edge for AI-assisted writing. You can choose various parameters like length, tone, format, and specific instructions for text modification, offering a personalized experience adaptable to your needs.


The integration of ChatGPT into Windows 11’s Notepad represents a significant step forward in the merger of artificial intelligence and everyday software. This innovation not only makes AI technology more accessible to a broader audience but also paves the way for new forms of digital interaction and creativity. It remains to be seen how this integration will develop and how you will react to these new possibilities.

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