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Windows 11 23H2: Features of the New Update

Here are all the new features of Windows 11 23H2 we are waiting for

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What surprises does Windows 11 23H2 have in store for us? What features will revolutionize the everyday digital experience? In this article, all the new features and enhancements that Windows 11 23H2 has to offer will be explored. Whether you are a professional, gamer, or just a technology enthusiast, now is the time to discover a universe of innovations that promise to make computer use even more powerful and intuitive.

Windows 11 23H2: the release date

The moment all tech enthusiasts have been waiting for has not yet arrived. Microsoft has officially announced that the release date for the Windows 11 22H2 update is set for September 26, 2023; the 23H2 version will arrive later. This date has already been circled in red in many people’s calendars, as it represents a further evolution of the operating system that promises to bring improvements, new features, and an even more optimized user experience. As the date approaches, anticipation and curiosity grows to find out all the new features Microsoft has in store. Get ready for the news by installing Windows 11.

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Copilot: the AI in Windows 11

The Windows 11 23H2 update brings with it a revolution in the way users interact with their operating system, thanks to the introduction of the AI assistant known as “Windows Copilot.” This advanced tool, powered by the same technology behind Bing Chat and Microsoft 365 Copilot, represents a qualitative leap in artificial intelligence applied to the user interface

Its design aims to offer unprecedented assistance in managing daily tasks, enabling it to understand and respond to complex queries and commands smoothly and intuitively. Such is the power and effectiveness of Windows Copilot that it has already completely replaced Cortana on Windows 10 and will now also be dropped from Windows 11 (read our article: Goodbye Cortana: Windows 11 replaces it with Copilot). The vision is clear: to make Windows Copilot a mainstay of the user experience, transforming the way people interact and use their device, making every task easier, faster, and, most importantly, more personalized.

Maximizing Productivity with Snap Layouts in Windows 11

Snap Layouts is the tool designed to transform everyday computer use that has changed the way users interact with their applications.

The concept behind Snap Layout is simple but effective: allowing the user to place applications side by side in a way that was previously unthinkable. Imagine having your spreadsheet open alongside your browser, your email, and your graphics software, all visible and accessible simultaneously. This type of configuration allows you to switch from one application to another without wasting time, making multitasking not only possible but also extremely efficient.

The Snap Layouts, built into both the File Explorer and all other windows, is activated with disarming ease. If you are a mouse lover, you simply hover your pointer over a specific icon to see the various configurations available. If, on the other hand, you prefer keyboard shortcuts, the Windows+Z combination will become your new ally. Within seconds, you will have a completely transformed working layout in front of you.

But there’s more: with the upgrade to Windows 11 23H2, the operating system has gone one step further. Now, as you work, you will see icons representative of the applications you are using. These icons are actual suggestions. Windows 11 is actually advising you which arrangement might be the most functional for you at that moment. It’s like having a personal assistant to guide you in managing your digital workspace.

snap layout windows 11

New File Explorer in Windows 11 23H2

The Windows 11 23H2 update promises to redefine the file browsing and management experience through a major revamp of the File Explorer. This transformation is not limited to a simple cosmetic overhaul, but represents a paradigm shift in the way users interact with their documents and media content. 

The new, modern and intuitive interface is inspired by the design elements of web browsers, offering greater familiarity and ease of use. New tabs at the top will allow smoother navigation between different folders and locations, making it easier to manage multiple tasks at once. But the real revolution lies in the Gallery function, a feature that will radically change the interaction with images. The Windows 11 Photos app was recently introduced on Windows 10 as well. In addition to simple viewing, the Gallery will offer advanced tools for editing and managing photos, making it unnecessary to use external software for basic operations. The new File Explorer is not just a revamped facade, but a powerful tool that puts the user at the center, facilitating and enriching every aspect of their digital experience.

file explorer windows 11

The Art of Wallpapers and Graphics in Windows 11

The visual appearance of an operating system is an essential part of the user experience. Windows 11 has profoundly understood this philosophy, investing heavily in the quality and variety of graphics, especially desktop wallpapers.

Let’s start with the new “Featured Content” icon, a window into the world of Windows wallpapers. This icon, in fact, when selected, reveals details about the image you have chosen as your wallpaper. You can discover, for example, the location depicted or the artist who captured that particular view. It’s a way to make your desktop even more personal and connected to you.

Windows 11 also expanded its wallpaper gallery by introducing 4K high-definition images. These sharp and detailed images turn your screen into a true work of art. And for those who want a different perspective, wallpapers are available in portrait format, ideal for those who use non-traditionally oriented monitors or those who simply want to vary the view.

But the real treat may be the collaboration with Bing. Every day, Windows 11 offers a new wallpaper drawn from Bing’s “daily wallpapers.” This means that every morning you might find yourself looking at a stunning landscape, a moment captured in a distant metropolis, or a detail of nature that you might not have noticed before. It’s a way to travel with your mind, to start your day with a touch of beauty and novelty.

Finally, for those who have invested in HDR technology, Windows 11 has a surprise in store: full HDR support. This means that colors will be more vivid, contrasts more pronounced, and images will have unprecedented depth.

windows 11 desktop wallpapers

Backing up Windows 11 in the Cloud

With the 23H2 update, Windows 11 introduces a sophisticated cloud backup feature. This new feature not only provides an alternative storage solution, but is an integrated system that facilitates the safeguarding of personal data and configurations. Using OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service, users can now easily store settings, files and apps, ensuring that each item is safe and easily retrievable. One of the main applications of this service manifests itself when it comes to setting up a new PC

Instead of going through the tedious process of manually transferring data and apps, users can take advantage of cloud backup to ensure an immediate and smooth transition. In addition to convenience, this also means that favorite configurations, crucial documents and indispensable apps will be readily available on the new device, eliminating downtime and maximizing efficiency. In short, with Windows 11 cloud backup, business continuity is assured under all circumstances. If you prefer to rely on external software for Windows 11 backup, we suggest EaseUS Todo Backup

backup windows 11

Windows 11 Start Menu

The Start Menu has always been the beating heart of the Windows interface, the starting point from which users begin their experience. With the upgrade to Windows 11 23H2, this heart has begun to beat with an even more modern and intuitive rhythm.

The “Recommended Items” section is one of the most significant new features. It is not just a list of files and programs, but a silent assistant that observes your habits and suggests what you might want to open. Think of files you’ve been working on recently, perhaps an important document or presentation you’ve spent hours on. The Start Menu, with its intelligence, places them just a click away, saving you searching and saving valuable time.

Web browsing is a fundamental part of our digital lives, and here, too, the Start Menu comes forward. The web pages you visit most frequently, or those you have recently browsed, are offered in the same section. Whether you’re researching for work, studying or just exploring your favorite entertainment sites, Windows 11 knows which ones they are and offers them to you. What about the source of this information? The most used and beloved browsers, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, share their histories to give you a complete overview of your online activity.

Of course, privacy and personalization are at the heart of this system. If you want to change the information shown or decide what details to make visible, Windows 11 puts you in charge. With advanced settings, you can decide precisely what to show and what to hide, ensuring a 100 percent personalized experience.

start windows 11

Windows 11 Application Bar Improvements

The taskbar has always been a distinctive and fundamental element of the Windows interface, a focal point for quick access and organization of applications. With the upcoming Windows 11 update, users can expect a return to the basics, but with a modern twist. 

The reintroduction of app labels and the no-grouping feature is a tribute to the days when customization and visual clarity were at the heart of the user experience. These features enable greater readability and instant identification of open or inactive apps, making navigation and task management a breeze. But the innovation doesn’t stop there. 

The new app bar now offers the ability to display labels even for apps that are simply pinned and not running. This means that users will have a complete overview of their favorite apps, allowing even faster and more intuitive access. These improvements not only optimize efficiency, but also make the interface cleaner and more organized, elevating the overall Windows 11 user experience to new heights of functionality and design.

windows 11 application bar

Enhanced Volume Mixer in Windows 11

Audio has become a crucial aspect of the user experience, whether it is video conferencing at work or simply listening to music. With the latest Windows 11 update, audio management reaches new levels of precision and customization. In fact, the new volume mixer does not just offer general controls, but allows detailed adjustment of audio levels for each individual running application

This advanced feature makes it possible, for example, to keep background music at a low volume while amplifying the sound of a video call, or to manage the audio of several programs open at the same time without one interfering with the other. In practice, each user now has the power to create a customized sound environment, optimizing the audio according to his or her needs and preferences. 

This enhancement of the volume mixer not only enriches the quality of the audio experience, but also provides the tools for smoother, distraction-free multitasking. With Windows 11, the era of personalized audio has officially begun.

windows 11 volume mixer

Streaming Revolution with “Broadcast” in Windows 11

Streaming media content has become an everyday norm. Whether it’s sharing a presentation with a colleague, watching a movie on your living room TV or listening to a playlist on a smart speaker, the ability to stream fluidly from your PC to another device is crucial. That’s where the revamped “Broadcast” feature in Windows 11 comes in.

With the latest update, Transmit has undergone a profound transformation, focusing on efficiency and intuitiveness. But what does this mean for the average user? First, broadcasting media content from your PC has never been easier. Imagine having a large library of videos, images or documents on your computer and wanting to share them on a large screen or with a group of people. With “Broadcast,” this becomes a breeze.

One of the main obstacles in streaming has always been compatibility between devices. Too often one struggles with broken connections or the difficulty of finding the desired device in the network. Windows 11 has addressed this problem head-on. The “Broadcast” feature now boasts an improved search system that quickly identifies compatible devices in your home or business network. This eliminates wait times, endless searches and frustrations, making streaming an instant experience.

But the magic does not end there. Once the device is selected, content transmission is extremely smooth. Whether you’re sharing a high-definition video or a simple presentation, you can expect flawless quality and zero inconveniences.

streaming windows 11

Nearby Sharing in Windows 11

Nearby Sharing’ is based on a fundamental concept: allowing users to share files, documents, images and more with devices in close proximity without the use of cables or complex configurations. This type of sharing is particularly useful in office environments, where the need to quickly transfer data between colleagues in a meeting or shared space is common.

With the upgrade to Windows 11 23H2, the feature has received a number of significant improvements. The first thing users will notice is the revamped sharing window. This more intuitive and user-friendly interface guides users through the sharing process, making the whole experience smoother. No more digging through settings or searching for hidden options; everything is at your fingertips. Transfer speed has been optimized, dramatically reducing waiting times. Whether you are sending a small text document or a large file, Windows 11 guarantees fast and smooth sharing.

The synergy with other Microsoft products, such as OneDrive and the Outlook app, has been further strengthened. Now, sharing a file directly to your OneDrive cloud storage space or sending it as an attachment via Outlook is a task that can be completed with just a few clicks. This seamlessly integrates “Nearby Sharing” with other platforms, making managing and distributing your files a seamless and integrated experience.

nearby sharing

New Security Level with Passkey Support in Windows 11

With the increase in cyber threats, having an operating system that offers robust and advanced security solutions is essential. That’s why Windows 11 23H2 decided to revolutionize its approach to security by introducing advanced passkey support.

Passkeys represent one of the newest frontiers in the field of computer security. Unlike traditional passwords, which can be easily intercepted or guessed, passkeys take advantage of unique and personal elements of the user. And Windows 11 has realized the importance of this, offering a range of options to ensure maximum protection. Imagine being able to access your computer simply by showing your face to a webcam. Or perhaps placing your finger on a sensor to have your fingerprint read. Or, if you prefer, using a PIN you have chosen, but which is handled more securely than a regular password. This is what Windows 11 23H2 offers with its new passkey system.

But what is the real advantage of this? First and foremost, convenience. Access to one’s devices and online platforms becomes almost instantaneous, reducing the downtime of manual password entry. These access modes are also a bulwark against intrusion attempts, phishing and cyber attacks. A face or fingerprint is unique and non-replicable, making the security system extremely robust.

Moreover, the introduction of passkeys in Windows 11 is not limited to the operating system itself. Access to apps and websites is also revolutionized. Every time you visit a site or open an app that requires authentication, you will benefit from the same advanced security modes.

passkey windows 11

Native Support for 7zip and RAR in Windows 11

In the vast universe of file formats, 7zip and RAR are among the most popular for data compression and archiving. Until now, users were often forced to rely on third-party software to handle these formats, sometimes encountering complications or compatibility issues. With the latest Windows 11 update, this scenario is set to change dramatically. 

The native integration of support for 7zip and RAR into the operating system eliminates the need to download and install additional programs, providing a direct and integrated solution for managing these archives. This implementation not only facilitates compression and decompression operations, but also provides enhanced security by reducing the risk of installing potentially malicious or invasive software. 

The user experience becomes, thus, smoother and more secure, allowing data to be managed, shared and stored with unprecedented ease. With Windows 11, compressed file management enters a new era of efficiency and convenience.

7zip Windows 11

Integrated RGB Peripheral Control in Windows 11

RGB lighting has revolutionized the world of gaming and computing, allowing users to customize their work and game space with a wide range of colors and lighting effects. Until recently, managing these lights often required the use of third-party software, which could be cumbersome and unintuitive. With the latest Windows 11 update, this obstacle becomes a thing of the past. 

In fact, Microsoft has integrated RGB controls directly within the “Settings” application, providing a clean and straightforward interface for customizing lights. This innovation not only simplifies the process of adjusting colors and effects, but also provides greater stability and compatibility, eliminating possible conflicts or malfunctions often associated with external tools. 

Now, gamers and PC aesthetics enthusiasts alike can enjoy complete control over their system’s lighting, creating immersive environments and tailored atmospheres with a few simple clicks. Windows 11 takes RGB customization to a new level, making the gaming and working experience even more unique and personalized.

windows 11 device management

Paint and the Evolution Toward Dark Mode

In the continuing evolution of software and user interfaces, Dark Mode has quickly become one of the most popular and sought-after aspects of the digital community. It offers not only a sleek and modern design, but also a more relaxed and less fatiguing viewing experience for the eyes, especially during night sessions. 

That’s why the announcement that Paint, Microsoft’s iconic drawing and graphics software, will introduce dark mode with the 23H2 update caused so much excitement. Considering that Paint has been with us for more than three decades, seeing it renew and adapt to contemporary needs is a testament to Microsoft’s dedication to keeping its historic products up-to-date and relevant. This new mode will not only refresh the look and feel of Paint, but also enhance the user experience, providing an optimized working environment for both professionals and amateurs

Paint’s transformation to dark mode represents a perfect balance between respect for tradition and innovation, demonstrating once again how classics can evolve without losing their original essence.
Not just Dark Mode, Paint also gets a makeover with artificial intelligence, a background removal feature, and the introduction of layers and transparency.

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A Renewed and Customizable Widgets Board in Windows 11

The Windows Widgets Board has always been a dynamic window on the digital world, providing users with useful information, news and tools in real time. With the latest update planned for Windows 11, this platform is preparing to become even more central and adaptable to individual needs.

One of the most significant aspects of this update is the expansion of customization options. Users will now be able to change and organize widgets according to their preferences, ensuring that the most relevant information is always at their fingertips. In addition, responding to requests from a significant portion of the community, the option to disable the MSN feed will be introduced. This option provides greater freedom of choice about what content to display, allowing those who wish to have a cleaner, more focused Widgets Board.

With these updates, the Widgets Board not only maintains its role as an information center, but evolves to become an even more customizable space, in line with the diverse needs and working styles of Windows 11 users.

widget windows 11

Dev Home and Dev Drive in Windows 11

In a world increasingly oriented toward digitization and technological innovation, developers are a key figure, constantly looking for tools and solutions that can facilitate and optimize their work. Windows 11, attentive to the needs of this community, presents two revolutionary new features: Dev Home and Dev Drive.

Dev Home is designed as a centralized hub, a true “home for developers within the operating system. This space provides a comprehensive overview of ongoing activities, allowing immediate management and monitoring of various projects. But what makes it particularly innovative is its direct integration with GitHub. Developers will be able to connect to their GitHub account, accessing updates, pull requests and changes in real time, all without ever leaving the Windows environment.

dev mode dev drive

At the same time, Dev Drive is a concrete response to performance and organizational needs. This feature allows you to create a system partition specifically geared toward software development. With Dev Drive, developers will have an optimized space to manage complex projects, benefiting from high performance, particularly when it comes to managing thousands of files, as in the case of games or advanced applications.

Combined, these two new features not only simplify the development process but also elevate the developer experience to new levels of efficiency and integration, solidifying Windows 11’s position as the platform of choice for the development community.

Windows 11

Windows 11

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Conclusions on Windows 11 23H2

The long-awaited 23H2 update of Windows 11 emerges as a significant breakthrough, combining affordable innovations for the average user and sophisticated solutions for insiders. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned sailor or just an enthusiast, this update has new features in store for every type of user. Now is the time to mark your calendar and look forward to an exciting evolution of the Windows experience!

Frequently Asked Questions about Windows 11 23H2

 Windows 11 23H2 represents the latest planned update for the Windows 11 operating system, introducing a number of new features and improvements.

The Windows 11 23H2 update is scheduled to be released on September 26, 2023
As with previous Windows 11 updates, 23H2 will be free for all users who already have a Windows 11 license..
The update introduces significant improvements, including a revamped Widgets Board, native support for 7zip and RAR formats, a dark mode for Paint, and advanced developer features such as Dev Home and Dev Drive.
It is always recommended to back up your data before any major upgrade. Also make sure you have enough free disk space and keep all drivers and applications up to date.
Most applications should run smoothly after the upgrade, but it is always a good practice to check the compatibility of the most critical apps and read the release notes provided by Microsoft.
Microsoft provides a wide range of support resources, including an online community, step-by-step guides, and dedicated customer service. If you encounter problems, you should consult the official website or contact support.
Yes, Microsoft generally offers a time frame during which you can revert to the previous version after installing an upgrade. However, it is essential to make a backup before performing any rollback.
Microsoft provides a list of hardware requirements for each upgrade. It is advisable to check these requirements before proceeding with the installation.
Absolutely. Each Windows update brings with it security enhancements and fixes to protect users from potential threats and ensure a safe user experience.

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