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The Ultimate Guide to Downloading Windows 11 23H2 ISO

Here's how to download the Windows 11 23H2 ISO and upgrade to the updated version of the operating system.

download windows 11 23h2 iso

Table of Contents

Microsoft has introduced the latest version of its operating system, Windows 11 23H2, which is now available for download.

What is the Windows 11 23H2 ISO

The Windows 11 23H2 ISO is a disk image that contains the entire installation package of the Windows 11 operating system in its updated 23H2 version. This ISO image is used to create an installation medium, such as a USB stick or DVD, that allows users to install or reinstall Windows 11 on their computers.

Windows 11 version 23H2 is an update that Microsoft releases to provide new features, security enhancements, and performance optimizations. Downloading the ISO image of this version means you have the opportunity to install Windows 11 for free with all the updates and enhancements available up to that point. Remember that if you have an active Windows 10 license you can upgrade to Windows 11 for free, but if you have an unactivated or older operating system, you can purchase a Windows 11 product key on offer at Mr Key Shop. If you followed our guide on how to upgrade to Windows 11 23H2 before the official release because you were too eager to try the new features and failed to upgrade, you can finally upgrade officially. 

System Requirements for Windows 11 23H2 

Before proceeding with downloading the Windows 11 23H2 ISO, it is critical to verify that your hardware meets the minimum system requirements. These include a 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor with 2 or more cores on a 64-bit compatible processor, at least 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage space. In addition, the device must support secure boot and have TPM version 2.0.

How to Download Windows 11 23H2 ISO 

Downloading the Windows 11 23H2 ISO can be done directly from Microsoft’s official website. You need to go to the section dedicated to downloading Windows 11 disk images and select the 23H2 version. After accepting the license terms, you will be able to download the ISO by choosing the desired language and edition. Before proceeding with the installation, we recommend that you refer to the “PC Health Check” application to confirm that your device meets the minimum system requirements for Windows 11 and check the Windows release information for any known issues that may affect your device.

windows 11 iso download

If you obtained the ISO image from a source other than the official website, it is important to verify the authenticity of the downloaded file. Here are the steps to make sure your download is legitimate:

  • Open Windows PowerShell on your computer.
  • Type the command Get-FileHash followed by the file path to calculate the hash value of the downloaded ISO file. For example, enter the following command: 
  • Get-FileHash C:\Users\tuonomeuser\Downloads\Win11_23H2_English_x64.ISO
  • Compare the obtained SHA256 value with the one provided in the official Microsoft table. If the values match, the ISO file is authentic and you can safely proceed with the installation.

Alternatively, you can use software such as Windows and Office Genuine ISO Verifier. The Windows and Office Genuine ISO Verifier is a tool used to verify the authenticity of downloaded ISO images of Windows operating systems and Office suites. This software compares the hash of the ISO file you have downloaded with the official one provided by Microsoft to make sure that the file is genuine and has not been modified or damaged in any way.

Create an Installation Media 

Once the Windows 11 2023 ISO file has been obtained, the user can proceed to create an installation media. This can be a DVD or a USB flash drive, which must have at least 8 GB of available space. Using tools such as the Windows Media Creation Tool, the ISO can be transferred to these media, making them bootable for the installation of the operating system.

Installation of Windows 11 23H2 via ISO file

To proceed with the installation of Windows 11 23H2, also known as Windows 11 Update 2023, via an ISO image or installation device, follow the steps below:

  • Right-click on the Win11_23H2_English_x64v2.iso file and select the option “Mount“.
download windows 11 iso
  • Open File Explorer, locate the drive that contains the mounted ISO image, and run setup.exe.
windows 11 download iso
  • If prompted, confirm administrator permission by clicking “Yes.” In the “Install Windows 11” window, proceed by clicking “Next.” If you prefer, you can remove the checkmark from the “I want to help make the installation better” option.
download iso windows 11
  • On the next screen, you have the option to download and install any important updates before proceeding with the upgrade. Click “Next.” When finished, accept the end-user license agreement by clicking “Accept” to be able to install the update.
windows 11 download iso italiano
  • On the “Ready to Install” screen, choose the option that allows you to keep your personal files and applications. After you have made your choice, begin the installation by clicking “Install.”
windows 11 download iso italiano 64 bit
  • During installation, Windows will attempt to update itself several times to minimize compatibility problems. If you prefer, you can disconnect the Internet connection and restart the setup if you do not want Windows to look for updates during installation.

This option can be especially useful if you have a restricted or slow Internet connection.

Clean installation of Windows 11 23H2

Clean installation of an operating system is a process that goes beyond simply updating via Windows Update or using setup.exe from a media image. This procedure is particularly useful for those who, after upgrading to Windows 11 via Windows Update, face slowdowns or system stability problems.

Preparing Installation Media

First, you need to get a USB flash drive with a minimum capacity of 8 GB. Next, you proceed to download and run the Windows 11 media creation tool, available on Microsoft’s official website.

While using the tool, select the option to create the installation media intended for another PC and opt for the USB flash drive as the media to be used. Follow the instructions provided by the tool to complete downloading Windows 11 23H2 and preparing the USB drive.

Startup and Installation

Once the installation media has been created, it is necessary to restart the computer and boot via the USB drive. The key combination for accessing the boot menu varies with the manufacturer of the device; it is usually “F2,” “F12,” or “Delete.”

When the blue installation screen appears, the actual procedure will begin:

  • Select “Install Now“.
windows 11 iso downloader
  • Choose the installation language, which is usually detected automatically, and proceed with “Next.”
windows 11 23h2 iso
  • Opt for “I do not have a product key” in case the license is already associated with your Microsoft account.
windows 11 23h2 download iso
  • Accept the terms of the license agreement and select “Custom: Install Windows Only (Advanced)” to choose the installation partition.
windows 11 23h2
  • Scegli l’edizione di Windows che desideri installare, ad esempio Windows 11 Pro, e procedi con “Avanti”.

Initial Configuration

After installation, the system will boot up showing the OOBE (Out of Box Experience) screen for initial configuration:

  • Select your country or region and enter the name of the PC.
23h2 windows 11
  • Log in with your Microsoft account; if you do not have an Internet connection, you can create a local account, especially if you are installing Windows 11 Pro or Enterprise.
windows 11 2023
  • Create a PIN for your account.
installare windows 11
  • Select personal interests to allow Microsoft to personalize your experiences related to the Store and suggestions.
installare windows 11 senza requisiti
  • Adjust privacy settings according to your preferences and configure OneDrive if you wish to use it.

Once these steps are completed, you will be faced with the Windows 11 desktop, complete with the new Start menu.

After installation, you should run Windows Update updates to ensure that your system is up-to-date with the latest security patches and performance improvements. You should also install the latest drivers for your PC’s hardware components to ensure maximum compatibility and efficiency.

Error: This PC cannot run Windows 11 

One of the most common snags users encounter while trying to install Windows 11 is the error message “This PC cannot run Windows 11,” often caused by the absence or disabling of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0). TPM 2.0 is a security component required by Windows 11 for advanced data protection functions and to prevent malware attacks. To solve this problem, you need to access your computer’s BIOS or UEFI and check whether the TPM is present and active. In many cases, the TPM exists but must be explicitly enabled through the BIOS security settings.

If TPM 2.0 is not available, you may need to update your BIOS firmware or consult your motherboard specifications to consider adding a TPM module. Alternatively, for advanced users, there are unofficial methods to bypass this requirement, but it is important to note that these may compromise system stability and security.An open source initiative called “Skip_TPM_Check_on_Dynamic_Update.cmd” is available on GitHub, which provides a script that simplifies the process of downloading Windows 11 on computers that do not have TPM 2.0.

TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module version 2.0) has become a hot topic in the gaming world, especially with the introduction of Windows 11, which requires it as a security standard. This hardware module is designed to protect the most sensitive security information in the operating system, such as encryption keys and passwords, making it more difficult for malware and cyber attacks to compromise the system. In the context of video games, TPM 2.0 can have a significant impact, particularly with regard to anti-cheat systems. These systems are essential for maintaining integrity and fairness in online competitions, and TPM 2.0 offers a new level of protection against unauthorized modifications to game software. 

For gamers, this means that to enjoy a safe and fair online gaming experience on Windows 11, you will need to ensure that your hardware meets the requirements, including the presence of TPM 2.0. However, for those with older hardware without TPM 2.0 support, this may pose a challenge, as a system upgrade may be required to continue playing newer titles with advanced anti-cheat systems.


In conclusion, downloading the Windows 11 23H2 ISO is a process that gives users access to the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, packed with new features and improvements. Through this comprehensive guide, we have provided all the information needed to download, create installation media, and proceed with installing or upgrading the operating system.

It is important to remember to check your system requirements before proceeding with the download and installation to ensure that your hardware is compatible with the new features of Windows 11 23H2. Also, it is advisable to backup your data to prevent the loss of important information during the installation process.With the installation of Windows 11 23H2, users can enjoy an improved user experience, with greater integration between hardware and software, and enhanced security to protect personal and system data. By following the steps outlined in this guide, upgrading or installing the operating system will be a simple and uncomplicated process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Downloading the Windows 11 23H2 ISO

An ISO image is a file that contains an exact copy, or image, of a data system that can be used to create a bootable medium such as a DVD or USB stick.
No, your computer must meet certain minimum system requirements, such as a 64-bit compatible processor, at least 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage space, as well as support specific features such as secure boot and TPM 2.0.
The Windows 11 23H2 ISO can be downloaded directly from Microsoft’s official website or through other channels authorized by Microsoft.
Downloading the ISO is free, but you may need a valid license to activate Windows 11.
You can use tools such as the Windows Media Creation Tool to transfer the ISO image to a USB stick or burn it to a DVD.
Yes, during the installation process, you can choose to perform a clean installation or upgrade your existing operating system, keeping your files and applications when possible.
It is always recommended to perform a full data backup before proceeding with the installation of a new operating system to prevent accidental loss of important data.
You should ensure that you regularly run updates through Windows Update and use built-in security features such as Windows Security.

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