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How to Backup Windows 10 with EaseUS Todo Backup

It's crucial to regularly backup Windows 10 in order to safeguard your data.

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Have you ever wondered how crucial it is to regularly create a Windows 10 backup in order to protect your data? Our information is more valuable than ever in the digital era, making data security a crucial requirement. In this article we’ll walk you through the process of using EaseUS Todo Backup to backup Windows 10.

Windows 10 backup: what is it?

Backing up Windows 10 is not only a recommended precaution, but an essential practice for anyone who uses a computer. What does it really mean to perform a backup? A backup is essentially a replica of the data stored on a device made for safety purposes in case it is lost, accidentally deleted, or if the hardware malfunctions.

Think about your Operating System, your files, pictures, programs, and everything else you’ve gathered over the years. Consider losing everything at a single moment due to a virus, hardware failure, or system error. Without enough support, many people must deal with this reality. In addition to protecting our data from disasters, we back up Windows 10 so that we can rest easy knowing that it is always safe and available for recovery.

easeus todo backup home

EaseUs Todo Backup Home

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How to Make a Full Backup of Windows 10 PC with EaseUS Todo Backup

As we mentioned above, backing up your data is essential to ensure the security of your personal and professional information. EaseUS Todo Backup offers an easy and efficient way to create backups on Windows 10. If you are upgrading from Windows 10 Home to Pro, keep reading this guide and follow all the instructions to create your first backup using EaseUS on Windows 10.

Step 1: Purchase EaseUS Todo Backup

If you are planning to buy EaseUS Todo Backup, I would like to recommend that you think about using Mr Key Shop as your online shopping destination. Compared to official websites or physical stores, Mr Key Shop is known for offering original software licenses at a substantial price reduction. This allows you to purchase the best original products without breaking the bank.

By making a purchase from Mr Key Shop, you’ll have access to helpful and professional customer service that’s ready to assist you at no cost during the entire purchase and installation process. Following your purchase, you will instantly receive the license key, allowing you to download, install, and activate EaseUS Todo Backup right away.

Mr Key Shop’s reputation as a trustworthy and safe platform to download software has been strengthened by the countless positive user reviews it has received over the years. Other backup products are available from Mr Key Shop in addition to EaseUS Todo Backup. The catalog also includes EaseUS Data Recovery solutions to recover lost or deleted files, EaseUS Partition Master to manage the partitions on your hard drive, and much more.

windows 10 backup

Step 2: Download EaseUS Todo Backup and install it

Simply click the link in the email you received from Mr Key Shop after purchasing EaseUS Todo Backup to start the software download. Run the installation file and follow the steps to install the software on your Windows 10 computer. When prompted, enter the EaseUS license, which can be found in your email confirmation. 

backup pc windows 10

Step 3: Launch EaseUS Todo Backup

Once the installation is complete, launch the program from the Start menu or by clicking on its desktop icon.

Step 4: Create a new Windows 10 backup

The splash screen appears when EaseUS Todo Backup is launched. Click “Create backup” if this is the first time you perform a backup. If you wish to create a complete copy of your Operating System and files, choose “System Backup“. You can also choose “Back up files” to backup specific files and folders.

For a system backup, the entire system will be preselected as the backup source, while for a file backup, you will need to navigate and select specific files/folders. Lastly, choose the backup destination: you can select an external drive, a NAS drive, a network drive, or a specific location on your hard drive. You can save your backup to an EaseUS cloud drive as well. To access the EaseUS cloud, just sign up with an email address and log in.

how to make a complete windows 10 backup

Step 5: Set up backup options

Click on “Options” to access advanced settings. Here, you can set up backup compression, password protection, email notification, and other options. If you want to perform incremental or differential backups in the future, make sure you select the appropriate option.

create backup windows 10

Step 6: Back up Windows 10

Once you have set up all the desired options, click on the “Proceed” button to start the backup process. The duration of the backup will depend on the size of the data, the speed of your computer, and destination drive.

backup windows 10 pc

Step 7: Verify the backup

After completing the backup, it is a good practice to check the integrity of the data. In the “List of backups” section, click on the backup you just created and select “Verify” to make sure the data is intact.

scheduling backups windows 10

Done! You have now successfully backed up your data on Windows 10 using Easeus Todo Backup. Remember to back up your data regularly to protect yourself from loss or damage.

Restore Windows 10 Backup with EaseUS Todo Backup

Making a backup of your data is only half the job; the final stage of protection is having the ability to restore that data. The process of recovering your Windows 10 backups is made amazingly easy and simple with EaseUS Todo Backup. Here is a comprehensive how-to guide to perform a reset.

  • Launch EaseUS Todo Backup – Open the application on your computer. If you haven’t already, make sure you have the latest version installed to avoid compatibility issues.
  • Choose Recovery Function: You can choose from a variety of options in the main interface. To begin the procedure, click “Restore”.
  • Select the Backup Image: The software will show a list of all available backups. Select the Windows 10 backup you want to restore. If your backup is not listed, click “Browse” to manually locate the backup file.
  • Choose Partitions: If your backup included multiple partitions, you can now select specific partitions to restore or choose to restore the entire backup.
  • Select Destination: EaseUS Todo Backup will ask you where you want to restore the backup. You can choose to restore it to its original location or to a new location.
  • Configure Advanced Options (optional): Before proceeding, you can click “Options” to configure advanced settings such as overwriting existing files or changing partition sizes during recovery.
  • Start Recovery: Once all options are configured, click “Recover Now”. The software will start the process. You’ll receive a notification when it’s completed.
  • Restart Computer: Some restores may require a computer restart to complete the process, especially if you are restoring the entire Operating System.
  • Data verification: After completing the recovery and restarting the computer, verify that all data and applications have been successfully restored and are functional.

Always remember to treat backup and restore processes carefully. If you are not sure about your actions, please check the EaseUS Todo Backup documentation or contact Mr Key Shop technical support. The key is to ensure that your data is always protected and recoverable.

windows 10 backup recovery

Conclusion on Windows 10 Backup

In today’s world, where the risk of accidental losses, cyberattacks, and hardware failures is constantly present, protecting your data has never been more important. Our guide shows exactly how EaseUS Todo Backup, one of the most trustworthy backup programs available, can be a helpful ally for everyone using Windows 10. The program allows you to make safe copies of your data and to quickly restore them in case of emergency with a few simple, easy actions.

Additionally, using EaseUS Todo Backup has advantages beyond simply creating backups. This software is a must-have for everyone who is concerned about the protection of their data, since it offers great versatility in enabling users to customize their backup chores as well as the ability to save across multiple devices and cloud services.

In conclusion, having a backup is not just a good idea; it’s essential. Furthermore, backing up Windows 10 becomes simple, effective, and safe with the help of applications like EaseUS Todo Backup. Protecting your files begins today; don’t wait until you lose important data before taking action.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Backup Windows 10 with EaseUS Todo Backup

Yes. Making regular backups protects your data from accidental loss, hardware failure, cyber-attacks and other unexpected events.
The frequency depends on how you use your computer. If you frequently add or change files, we recommend that you make daily backups. Otherwise, a weekly or monthly backup may be enough.
Yes, EaseUS Todo Backup supports backup to various external devices, including USB, external hard drives, SD cards, and even cloud services.
While the backup is in progress, you may notice a slight decrease in performance. EaseUS Todo Backup is designed to be as light and efficient as possible while minimizing the impact on your system’s performance.
Yes, EaseUS Todo Backup gives you the flexibility to select specific files or folders to include in your backup, ensuring that only essential data is saved.
Absolutely. EaseUS provides encryption options for your backups and uses advanced security standards to ensure your data is protected when stored in their cloud.
You can contact EaseUS support directly through their website. They offer live chat, email and phone to ensure all issues are resolved promptly.

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