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How to Activate Office 2021 for Free and Paid

This article will guide you through the steps to activate Office 2021, both in the free and paid versions, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Activate Office 2021

Table of Contents

Activate Office 2021: What It’s For and Why It’s Important

Activating Office 2021 is not just a technical process but a crucial step to access a suite of applications that significantly enhance productivity and information management.

Why Activate Office 2021

  • With activation, you unlock full access to all the advanced features of Office 2021. This includes word processing tools, spreadsheets, presentations, and more, essential for a wide range of professional and personal activities.
  • Activation with a product key from Microsoft Office also ensures access to the latest security updates and new features. This is crucial to keep your data secure and ensure that the software performs at its best.
  • By using an activated version of Office 2021, you can benefit from ongoing support. This includes technical assistance, tutorials, and guides that can help you solve any issues and make the most of the software’s capabilities.

Still unsure about which Microsoft Office package to buy?

Read our guide on Microsoft 365 VS Office 2021 and discover the best version for your needs.

Today’s Best Office 2021 Deals

Office 2021 ProfessionalOffice 2021 Professional Plus109,99€view deal
Office 2021 Home & Business109,99€view deal
office 2021 home business macOffice 2021 Home & Business for Mac99,99€view deal
Office 2021 Home & Student for Mac99,99€view deal

Requirements for Activating Office 2021

To activate and make the most of Microsoft Office 2021, it’s crucial that you ensure your system meets some essential requirements.

  • Firstly, a compatible operating system is required, such as Windows 10, Windows 11, or the latest macOS versions. This ensures that the software not only installs smoothly but also runs efficiently.
  • Another critical aspect is an Internet connection. It is necessary for downloading, installing, and activating Office 2021. Additionally, to access advanced features like cloud usage and real-time collaboration, a stable and reliable Internet connection is required.
  • An active Microsoft account is also required. This account is essential not only for product activation but also for accessing various online services and managing your license.
  • Naturally, you need a valid Office 2021 license. This can be purchased directly from Microsoft or through an authorized reseller. Upon purchase, you will receive a product key that you will use for activation.
  • Ensure that the language and regional settings on your system are correctly configured. This allows Office 2021 to offer an optimized and personalized user experience.

Regarding hardware requirements, it’s essential that your computer is adequately equipped to run Office 2021. Here is a table summarizing these requirements:

ComponentMinimum Requirement
CPU1 GHz or higher
RAM4 GB (8 GB for 64-bit version)
Storage Space4 GB
Screen Resolution1280 x 768 or higher

By ensuring your system meets these criteria, you can fully enjoy all the advanced features offered by Office 2021, significantly enhancing your personal and professional productivity.

Choosing an Office 2021 Product Key

The choice of a Product Key for Office 2021 depends on various factors, such as the type of use you plan for the software and your specific needs. Office 2021 is offered in different versions, each with its unique Product Key. Here’s an overview to help you decide which Product Key is best for your requirements.

Office 2021 Home & Student

This version is designed for users who need basic applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for personal or academic use. If you primarily need Office for writing documents, creating simple spreadsheets, or presentations, the Office 2021 Home & Student Product Key might be the best choice. Follow our guide on installing Office Home and Student 2021 and optimize your study hours right away.

microsoft office 2021 home student

Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student

149,99€ 89,99€

Office 2021 Home & Business

This Product Key is ideal if you plan to use Office for professional purposes but on a smaller scale, such as for an individual business or a small company. In addition to the basic applications, it also includes Outlook, which provides advanced tools for email and calendar management.
If you’re curious to learn more details about this version of Office, take a look at our article entirely dedicated to Office 2021 Home and Business.

office 2021 home business 2

Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Business

299,99€ 109,99€

Office 2021 Professional

If you are a professional or manage a business that requires intensive and advanced use of Office, this version is the most suitable. Office 2021 Professional includes all Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and Access, which are useful for document publishing and database management.

Office 2021 Professional

Office 2021 Professional

509,99€ 109,99€

Downloading Office 2021

If you are looking to obtain Office 2021 through legitimate channels, there are several avenues you can explore. A direct and reliable method is to visit Microsoft’s online portal at Microsoft. Here, you can select and purchase the appropriate version of Office 2021, but be aware that the prices are quite high. After the purchase, log in with your Microsoft account credentials, where you will find the section dedicated to the software you have purchased. In this area, you can easily locate Office 2021 and proceed with the program’s download.

A more economical but equally secure alternative is to purchase the license through authorized external providers, such as Mr Key Shop. This method offers advantages such as competitive prices and special offers. After purchasing from Mr Key Shop, you will receive your activation key via email seconds after the purchase. Even when purchasing from an external provider, downloading the Office 2021 ISO generally occurs from the Microsoft website, following the links provided by Mr Key Shop. After downloading the software, you will start the installation and use the received product key to activate Office 2021.

Installing Office 2021

Installing Office 2021 is an intuitive and guided process. After downloading the installation file, you will typically find it in the “Downloads” folder on your computer. To start the installation, double-click on this file. A guided Office 2021 installation window will open, where you should follow the on-screen instructions.

In most cases, the installation will proceed automatically. During this phase or when you first open an Office application like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you may be prompted to enter the product key you received at the time of purchase. After entering this key and completing all the provided instructions, the installation should be completed, and you may need to restart your computer.

After the restart, look for the Office applications in your Start menu or the list of installed applications on your device to ensure they have been installed correctly. It is advisable to check and update the software after installation. This can be done through “Windows Update” or, in some cases, Office may automatically search for updates as soon as you launch one of its applications for the first time.

installing office 2021

How to Activate Office 2021 with a Product Key

Once the Office 2021 installation is complete, you can activate it using a well-established method, which requires the use of a valid product key for Office 2021. This code, consisting of a series of alphanumeric characters, is essential to authenticate your software version and unlock all its features.

To activate your version of Office 2021, launch one of its applications, such as Word or Excel. When you open the app, you will see an initial screen that includes the “Activate Office” option. By selecting this command, the system will prompt you to enter your product key. After entering this code, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the software activation.

how to activate Office 2021 with a product key

Can You Activate Office 2021 for Free?

Activating Microsoft Office 2021 for free is not a legal practice, as Microsoft requires the purchase of a license to use the software. Office 2021 is a commercial product, and its use without a valid license is a violation of Microsoft’s terms of service and copyright laws.

There are some legal alternatives you can consider if you are looking to access similar features without cost:

  • Trial Versions: Microsoft offers trial versions for some of its Office products. These trial versions allow you to use the software for a limited period, after which you will need to purchase a license to continue using it.
  • Microsoft Office Online: Microsoft provides a free online version of some Office components, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These online versions have some limitations compared to the full versions of the software but can suffice for basic needs.
  • Free Alternatives: there are free software alternatives to Office, such as LibreOffice or Google Docs, that offer word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation features. These alternatives can be valid options for users who need basic functionality without the cost of an Office license.

Remember that choosing to use unauthorized or cracked versions of Office 2021 can expose you to security risks, such as malware or viruses, and may have legal consequences. It is always advisable to follow legal guidelines for software use.

How to Check If Office 2021 Is Activated

To verify if Office 2021 is activated on your computer, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Open an Office Application: launch one of the Office 2021 applications, such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
  • Go to Application Information: once the application is open, click on ‘File’ located in the upper left corner of the window.
  • Select “Account” or “Account Info”: in the sidebar that appears, look for and select the “Account” or “Account Info” option, depending on the application you are using.
  • Check License Status: on the “Account” page, under the “Product Information” section, you will see the status of the Office license. Here, it will indicate whether the product is activated or not. In the case of activation, the type of Office license you possess will also be displayed.
  • Verify Additional Details: if Office is activated, you can also view additional details such as the license expiration date (for subscriptions) or the product version.

If Office is not activated, you will see a message prompting you to activate the product, and you may have limited access to Office features until it is activated.

Activation Office 2021

Conclusion on Activating Office 2021

Activating Office 2021 is an essential process to harness all the capabilities and features this software offers. Whether you are a professional, a student, or simply a user looking to have access to advanced tools for document processing, spreadsheets, and presentations, a valid license is the first step to an optimal and uninterrupted user experience.

If you are in search of a product key for Office 2021, a convenient and reliable solution is the online shop Mr. Key Shop. This authorized reseller offers legitimate product keys at competitive prices, ensuring great value for your money. When you purchase from Mr. Key Shop, you will receive your product key via email quickly and securely, avoiding wait times and shipping costs.

By opting for Mr. Key Shop, you’ll have the assurance of a secure and legal purchase, with the added benefit of a customer support team ready to assist you with any questions or needs. Remember, using genuine product keys not only grants you access to all the features of Office 2021 but also protects your computer from potential security risks associated with pirated or unauthorized software.

Frequently Asked Questions about Activating Office 2021

To activate Office 2021, launch an application like Word or Excel, click on “File,” and then select “Account.” Here, you’ll find the option to enter your product key. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation.
No, a valid product key is required to activate Office 2021. This key is provided at the time of software purchase.
If you don’t activate Office 2021, access to many of its features will be limited. For example, you may not be able to save changes to documents or access all the software’s functions.
The Office 2021 product key is generally valid for installation on a single device unless you have purchased a multi-device license.
You can check the activation status by opening an Office application, clicking on “File,” then “Account.” Here, you will see the activation status under the “Product Information” section.
If you encounter issues during activation, ensure that your product key is correct and that your computer is connected to the internet. If the problem persists, contact Mr. Key Shop support for free assistance.
For standard activation, an internet connection is required.

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