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Black Friday deals on backup and recovery software

With these Black Friday deals, your most important data will always be safe.

Black Friday deals

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Black Friday represents one of the most awaited days of the year for those looking for unmissable deals. One of the categories that is gaining more and more attention during this event is backup and recovery software. Protecting your data has never been more crucial, and having the opportunity to do so at reduced prices is definitely a plus.

Black Friday deals: The importance of backup and recovery

In today’s digital age, data loss can spell disaster. Whether it is personal memories such as photos and videos or work documents, having an effective backup solution is crucial. A good recovery software also ensures that if problems occur, you can get back to normal quickly.

easeus todo backup homeEaseUS Todo Backup Home37,99€View Deal
easeus partition master professionalEaseUS Partition Master Professional37,99€View Deal
AOMEI Backupper Professional39,99€View Deal
AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional49,99€View Deal

Are you interested in more Black Friday Mr Key Shop deals? Here are the best deals:

Black Friday Deals on Backup Software 

Backup software plays a crucial role in data security, allowing you to protect valuable information from loss, hardware failure or cyber attacks. During Black Friday, many companies offer significant discounts on their products, making this an ideal time to invest in high-quality backup solutions.

AOMEI Backupper is one of the most popular solutions in this field. Known for its user-friendly interface and solid performance, it offers several versions suitable for various needs. The Professional and Technician versions are designed for business and professional needs, including advanced features such as real-time backup and system cloning.

EaseUS Todo Backup, on the other hand, is another giant in the backup software arena. With a wide range of features, from system image creation to disk cloning, it suits users of all types. The Home version is ideal for personal use, while the Workstation and Server versions are optimized for work and business environments, offering advanced tools such as system migration and granular recovery. The software is ideal if you want to do a full Windows 10 PC backup or Windows 11 Backup.

easeus todo backup homeEaseUS Todo Backup Home37,99€view deal
easeus todo backup serverEaseUS Todo Backup Server189,99€view deal
easeus todo backup workstationEaseUS Todo Backup Workstation35,99€view deal
AOMEI Backupper Professional39,99€view deal
AOMEI Backupper WorkStation49,99€view deal
AOMEI Backupper Server149,99€view deal

Black Friday Deals on Hard Disk Partitioning Software

Hard disk partitioning is a key operation to better organize and manage storage space, as well as to ensure better data performance and security. These software are essential for creating, resizing, moving, merging and partitioning partitions without losing data. In celebration of Black Friday, Mr Key Shop is offering unmissable deals on some of the best partitioning software on the market.

AOMEI Partition Assistant is one of the most popular partitioning software among partitioning professionals. It offers a wide range of features, from basic partition management to advanced disk optimization. For those who need more advanced features, such as migrating the operating system to SSDs or converting between MBR and GPT without loss of data, the Professional and Server versions are the right choice.

EaseUS Partition Master, on the other hand, is another mainstay in the world of partitioning software. Renowned for its intuitive interface and reliability, it provides a wide variety of tools for every need. The Professional and Unlimited versions, introduce advanced features such as support for dynamic disks and partition cloning.

Thanks to the Black Friday deals featured on Mr Key Shop, both AOMEI Partition Assistant and EaseUS Partition Master become even more affordable, representing a great opportunity for those who want to get the most out of their hard drives at great prices.

easeus partition master professionalEaseUS Partition Master Professional37,99€View Deal
easeus partition master serverEaseUS Partition Master Server149,99€View Deal
easeus partition master technicianEaseUS Partition Master Technician689,99€View Deal
easeus todo backup technicianEaseUS Partition Master Unlimited389,99€View Deal
aomei partition assistant professionalAOMEI Partition Assistant Professional49,99€View Deal
aomei partition assistant serverAOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition169,99€View Deal
aomei partition assistant technicianAOMEI Partition Assistant Technician759,99€View Deal

Black Friday Deals on Data Recovery Software

Data loss can be a real nightmare, whether it is essential work documents or unrepeatable memories in the form of photos and videos. In these critical moments, having reliable data recovery software becomes of paramount importance. 

These programs are capable of recovering deleted files, data from corrupted partitions or damaged disks. With the arrival of Black Friday, Mr Key Shop offers the opportunity to invest in one of the best data recovery software on the market: EaseUS Data Recovery.

EaseUS Data Recovery is a powerful and easy-to-use tool known for its ability to recover lost data in a variety of situations. The Wizard Free version allows recovery of up to 2 GB of data, which is ideal for basic needs and for testing the software’s potential. For those who need unlimited recovery capabilities and additional features, such as data recovery even in case of ransomware attacks or from RAW disks, the Wizard Pro version is the optimal choice. For enterprise environments or those who need priority technical support, the Wizard Technician version offers maximum performance and dedicated support service.

Thanks to the Black Friday deals available on Mr Key Shop, buying EaseUS Data Recovery becomes even more convenient. This is the perfect opportunity to protect yourself from data loss and ensure the security of your information at unbeatable prices.

easeus data recovery wizard professionalEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional65,99€view deal
easeus data recovery wizard macEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac84,99€view deal
easeus data recovery wizard mac bootable mediaEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Bootable Media139,99€view deal
easeus data recovery wizard mac bootable mediaEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Bootable Media per Mac 159,99€view deal
easeus data recovery wizard technicianEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Technician289,99€view deal
easeus data recovery wizard technician macEaseUS Data Recovery Wizard per Mac Technician289,99€view deal

Black Friday Deals on Recovery Software

Recovery software is designed to ensure that in case of serious problems such as system crashes or malware attacks, the user can return to a previous, safe version of the system. Thanks to Black Friday, Mr Key Shop is offering exclusive promotions on one of the most efficient recovery software on the market: AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a complete solution for those who want extra security for their data. Its strength is its simplicity: with one click, you can create a backup image of your system or restore your computer to its previous state. For those with advanced needs, such as customizing the recovery environment or support for RAID, the Professional version is ideal. Finally, for large companies and IT environments, the Technician Plus version offers advanced features and the ability to provide technical services to unlimited clients.

By taking advantage of Black Friday deals on Mr. Key Shop, AOMEI OneKey Recovery becomes an even more affordable solution for those who want to protect their data and ensure quick and smooth recovery in any situation. It is the ideal opportunity to secure top-notch IT security at an affordable price.

aomei onekey recovery professionalAOMEI OneKey Recovery Professional28,99€view deal
aomei onekey recovery technicianAOMEI OneKey Recovery Technician489,99€view deal
aomei onekey recovery customizationAOMEI OneKey Recovery Customization899,99€view deal

Black Friday Deals on iPhone Data Recovery Software

In the modern age, smartphones have become repositories of an immense amount of personal and professional data: contacts, photos, messages, notes and more. The loss of this valuable information can have devastating consequences, making the use of reliable data recovery software essential. For iPhone users in particular, having a specific tool can make all the difference. In celebration of Black Friday, Mr Key Shop is showcasing special discounts on one of the most renowned iPhone data recovery software: EaseUS MobiSaver.

EaseUS MobiSaver is designed specifically for data recovery on iOS devices. Its ability to detect and recover lost or deleted data makes it an irreplaceable tool for any iPhone user. The Free version offers the ability to recover a variety of data, including contacts, messages and photos, giving a taste of the software’s potential. The Pro version, on the other hand, greatly expands functionality, allowing the recovery of a wider range of files and offering support for multiple devices. This version is ideal for those seeking a comprehensive and powerful solution. For IT professionals or repair services, the Technician version offers all the features of the Pro version with unlimited licenses and priority support.

With Black Friday deals available at Mr Key Shop, buying EaseUS MobiSaver is the best choice for those who want to ensure peace of mind that they can recover valuable data from their iPhone under any circumstances. This is the perfect time to invest in security and reliability at a discounted price.

easeus mobisaver for androidEaseUS MobiSaver for Android36,99€view deal
easeus mobisaver for windowsEaseUS MobiSaver for Windows65,99€view deal
easeus mobisaver for macEaseUS MobiSaver for Mac75,99€view deal

Black Friday deals on Operating System Deployment Software.

In the business environment, the efficient management and distribution of operating systems across multiple workstations is vital. This process, if handled manually, can require a significant amount of time and resources. Operating system deployment software was created precisely to simplify and automate this task, ensuring fast, uniform and error-free deployment. Mr Key Shop, in celebration of Black Friday, is offering special deals on one of the leaders in the field: EaseUS Deploy Manager.

EaseUS Deploy Manager is an essential tool for companies wishing to deploy or upgrade operating systems on a large number of computers simultaneously. For larger companies or those with special needs, the Professional version offers advanced features, such as customizing configurations and optimizing for different hardware. Finally, the Technician version is designed for large infrastructures and offers maximum performance, along with priority technical support and ad hoc solutions.

Black Friday deals on Mr Key Shop make EaseUS Deploy Manager an even more attractive choice for businesses. It is an unmissable opportunity to streamline operating system deployment processes, ensuring efficiency, security and cost-effectiveness.

easeus deploy manager workstationEaseUS Deploy Manager Workstation 10,99€view deal
easeus deploy manager serverEaseUS Deploy Manager Server 41,99€view deal
aomei image deploy technicianAOMEI Image Deploy Technician Edition199,99€view deal


In a world where technology and data play a central role in daily life and business environments, ensuring security, efficiency and optimal information management is essential. Thanks to Black Friday deals, advanced software tools, from data recovery tools to operating system deployment tools, become accessible to a wider audience, offering high-quality solutions at competitive prices. Mr Key Shop, with its promotions, is a valuable resource for those who want to invest in security and innovation, ensuring the best performance at both individual and corporate levels. Don’t miss the opportunity to protect, manage and optimize your data with the best software solutions on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Friday Deals on Backup and Recovery Software

Data recovery software is essential to protect and recover valuable information in the event of accidental deletion, system malfunction or cyber attack.
Mr Key Shop offers significant discounts on a wide range of software during Black Friday. Discount percentages vary by product and version.
EaseUS MobiSaver is designed specifically for data recovery on iOS devices, offering features such as recovering contacts, messages, photos, and more.
The Professional version offers advanced features such as customization of configurations and optimization for different hardware, making it ideal for larger companies or those with specific needs.
Generally, the Technician versions of the software mentioned in the article offer priority technical support and solutions tailored to users’ needs.
Black Friday deals at Mr Key Shop are for full versions of software, guaranteeing access to the full functionality of the product purchased.
Yes, Mr Key Shop is a reliable platform that offers genuine software and authentic licenses, guaranteeing security and post-purchase support.

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